Samsung releases an update to solve the artificial slowdown of games

Samsung updates on problem

This week, a scandal erupted around the fact that Samsung deliberately slows down the performance of a large number of games. For its part, the company promised to look into everything and solve the problem. Samsung has begun rolling out an update that addresses the issue of GPU/CPU performance throttling when running programs.

True, the update comes only to devices of the Galaxy S22 series and in South Korea. The changelog says that Samsung is removing CPU/GPU performance caps when running games. The update also helps regulate the temperature inside. In addition, it offers an updated performance management mode in Game Booster.

The company does not name the exact dates when the update will be released for other regions and other Samsung devices. We also know that Tae Moon-ro, president of Samsung, spoke at the meeting yesterday and apologized to the employees of gaming services. He acknowledged that there is a serious flaw within the company. This means the lack of communication between ordinary employees and company management in the process of creating the Galaxy S22. He promised to make the feedback stronger in the future.

Some strange reaction to what happened from a top manager of Samsung. As if he lives in a different reality and until recently did not suspect the lack of well-coordinated work between the company’s employees of all levels.

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