Score! Hero 2022 Mod APK 2.40 (Unlimited Rewinds/Hearts)

Download Score! Hero 2022 APK to participate in the hottest soccer battles ever. Train you sportsman and lead him to the highest leagues.

NameScore! Hero 2022
Size205 Mb
PublisherFirst Touch Games Ltd.
Get it OnGoogle Play
OS VersionAndroid 6.0
Mod InfoRewinds/Hearts


Score! Hero 2022 is a dynamic football simulator that has captivated thousands of players with its realism and amazing graphics. Get access to the world of real football to feel the atmosphere of football behind the scenes. This is an atypical game for the genre, because its entire gameplay focuses on a different scheme, different from ordinary football simulators. You have to make a dizzying career in football, getting used to the image of the main character. Participate in all tournaments, learn to circle the enemy on the field, skillfully score goals, and so on. In short, strive to become a superstar.

Become a real football star

At the very beginning of your football career, you have to choose the main player you will manage. Players who do not pay attention to character appearance will cope with this task quite quickly. It is impossible to customize a football player on your own. However, this is for the best – having decided on a hero, you will immediately go to the field.

Score! Hero 2022 Android

Together with the selected character, you have to go through a short training, during which you will be able to learn the basics. Know how to pass correctly, how to attack and accurately score goals against the enemy. In the future, you have to deal with the development of the main game strategy on your own. If you hit a dead end, watch other players: analyzing someone else’s style of play will help you develop your own most effective tactics.

Unique gameplay features

The developers did not introduce something complicated into management, so even a child can handle it. It is important to calculate the ball trajectory without using unusual improvised means. If everything is calculated correctly, then you will be amazed at the carefully thought-out physics of interaction. This allows you to respond to all changes while trying to get to the endpoint.

Score! Hero 2022 is very unusual, as it features the style of interactive cinema. When the match starts, you will be looking at a small sketch. You have to solve all the problems associated with departures. Use ingenuity and logic for this, trying to get a good result and pleasure. Gameplay allows you to immerse yourself in what is happening as much as possible, exploring the unusual compositions of the match.

Score! Hero 2022 Mod

The most important difference between the game and other typical representatives of the genre is the vertical screen. There is no widescreen format because it simply does not need it. All the main functions and interface icons fit perfectly in vertical mode!

Great interface and graphics

Very realistic 3D graphics provide the effect of maximum immersion in atmosphere of sports passion. It conveys the tension and sweats on the faces of the participants, exclamations of the crowd and much more.

Specific feature of constructing flight trajectory not only complicates the game, but also gives it additional interest. Enjoy realism and potential for developing mastery and skill of strikes.

You control each player on the team, and a golden star hangs above your character’s head so that you can immediately identify him on the field. Score! Hero 2022 will remind you of the need for certain actions and comment on your hits. Developers added additional atmospherics by the headlines of newspaper articles appearing at the screen bottom with attached photographs describing your achievements.

Be not only a footballer, but also a manager

If you want to use more than usual moments, then developers of Score! Hero 2022 have added plenty. Constantly try to combine something, use unusual tactics and learn to squeeze the maximum benefit out of the sport. The more carefully you think about the development strategy, the better the result will be. Do not forget to change players on the field periodically, trying to get new bundles.

Score! Hero 2022 Download

While moving up the career ladder, you will not just automatically change from one club to another. You have to fight for cups and awards, stand out from your team for several seasons and choose from offers that will come from other clubs.

However, you should not think that offers would fall on you immediately in the first days. It will take weeks of play and dozens of awards and trophies won before receiving a letter from the big leagues.

Players will not be bored

Each season consists of a certain number of levels, offering individual tasks at each stage. For example, you need to score a goal from a certain position at the first level or score an exact goal, having previously passed to the other player.

As the level increases, options for tasks become more different, while intelligence of opponents will become more powerful. At difficult levels of Score! Hero 2022, you will no longer be able to just pass to another player or score a goal against an opponent with one blow. Here tactics, attentiveness and ability to analyze the mistakes of competitors will be very useful to you.

The game even has something like a storyline, so try to read in-game messages not to miss any important details. A mistake can cost you several rungs on the career ladder.

Mod Info

Money balance increases after buying rewinds or hearts.

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