Shadowgun Legends Mod APK 1.2.2 (God Mode/Ammo)

Download Shadowgun Legends APK and fight back your world by killing monsters that invaded your planet. Shoot, reload and shoot.

NameShadowgun Legends
Size1 Gb
PublisherMADFINGER Games
Get it OnGoogle Play
OS VersionAndroid 6.0
Mod Info- Unlimited Ammo
- God Mode


Shadowgun Legends is a project related to the FPS genre. As the name already implies, you will look at the world through the eyes of a hero in this shooter. The developer is the Czech company Madfinger Games. Action of the project takes place in the distant future. The protagonist earns a living by serving in a corporation that intervenes in all the conflicts that occur. Suddenly, aliens from other planets attack his world, and now his skills and abilities will be very useful in restoring order in his homeland. There are various types of fantastic weapons in the arsenal of a professional fighter. He himself is a living killing machine. Find the main enemy, deal with him and restore order by passing through thousands of enemies.

Multiple game modes

At first, only single-player mode is available to players. You will travel not only around one world, but also on other planets, overcoming all sorts of obstacles and completing various tasks. Unexpected plot twists puts hero in the most difficult conditions, forcing him to think about how to get out alive from another scrape. Of course, he has to shoot a lot – this is the main way to solve problems.

Shadowgun Legends Android

PvP mode opens after reaching one of the levels. It will be possible to fight not with a AI, but with real players living in different countries. It is enough to activate weapons to plunge into the world of exciting adventures and, speaking on the side of good. Enjoy excellent graphics, easy control and good performance.

You won’t be bored

Shadowgun Legends plot is present and absent at the same time. More precisely, you can learn it only in separate small fragments. For example, you can meet him on the loading screen and in the quest logs. There are not even short stories and videos that have already become familiar to those who are deeply immersed in mobile games. The developers went for it deliberately – so as not to force the players to waste extra time.

The same is true for base heroes. The gamer gets to know them, but they do not play any role for the further movement of the plot. It is more of a setting than a character. However, the lack of a detailed storyline does not in the least affect the activity of the gameplay. In terms of events intensity, we can compare Shadowgun Legends with Halo and Destiny.

Shadowgun Legends Download

Complete inner world

The first location where the hero finds himself after loading is full of useful objects. A relatively compact includes a shop selling weapons, an armor shop, an arena for players to fight with each other, a bar with quests and even a casino.

The last object – the store – is a kind of snag. Nobody knows what gives the use of his goods. However, the trading floor is quite funny and definitely worth a visit.

Do not to move on until you have thoroughly explored the starting location. This is useful, and besides, it is interesting. Developers drawn the landscape to the smallest detail, which players can study for quite a long time. Play in the casino on slot machines or the Wheel of Fortune. Order a drink in the bar and get a performance boost.

Another great feature of the bar is that there is a chance to find a sponsor. If one of the characters shows interest in you, then you will receive some money from him every day in the future.

Shadowgun Legends Mod

Unique rating system

As you progress through SHADOWGUN LEGENDS, you earn points, which number pushes you up in the overall ranking – the global table of success. Earn points are earned by completing quests and side missions. The more you get, the higher you are in the top.

If you manage to take one of the top lines, then get ready for a pleasant surprise. In recognition of your services, you will be filmed everywhere by cameras moving on drones. They will also notify other players that you are present in the game.

Training and side quests

When a new user enters Shadowgun Legends, he needs to take a short training course – several short quests. After its completion, as well as familiarity with the range of outlets, you can independently begin the process.

To receive missions, you should find a person who has an exclamation mark above his head. There are three of these characters in total. Listen to the tasks, open the map and move to the location you need. Three heroes distribute additional tasks, but you will receive the main ones only from Slade. Acquaintance with him occurs at the stage of training.

There will be little communication, as developers did not pay attention to long conversations. In fact, your interlocutors will be only three masters of additional missions and Slade. By the way, we will hear the details of the storyline from him.

Get ready to shoot a lot

Players will not have to do anything other than shoot the aliens at the initial stage. It is no coincidence that the developers put the automatic sight function into Shadowgun Legends. Do not turn it off, as otherwise, you will not kill enemies. They do not hide in shelters, but move very quickly. With automatic aim, the hero takes a few minutes to destroy exactly as many aliens as it takes to transfer back to the base location.

If you really want to, you can play without real money. The game will offer you several useful goods available only for real money, but there are not many of them and it is not necessary to purchase them. There is in-game currency for everything else.

Mod Info

Unlimited ammunition.

God mode/Dumb enemies.

Download Shadowgun Legends Mod APK


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