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Download Smolsies 2 – Cute Pet Stories APK and assemble a collection of different pets with own responsibilities.

NameSmolsies 2 - Cute Pet Stories
Size64 Mb
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OS VersionAndroid 4.4
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Smolsies 2 – Cute Pet Stories is an extremely cute and colorful game that allows young players to take care of a whole group of cute animals through a variety of mini-games and other activities. Most girls love animals, so projects that require you to take care of cute animals in a variety of ways never go unnoticed. Everyone will be able to have one or more animals that require care. As a rule, care consists of a small set of possible actions in such products. Moreover, there are no similarities with realism. You can get a large number of pets, each of which requires care.

A few words about the developers

TutoTOONS Studio is the developer that popularizes purely children’s projects. Such projects are designed to educate the younger generation in kindness to others, love for living beings and respect for the interests of others. You can find dozens of different products in the studio’s library, which essence is to care for various kinds of animals.

Smolsies 2 Android

This studio also has products that help you master the simplest household chores related to cooking, trying on clothes, applying makeup and so on. Therefore, the studio’s projects not only entertain, but also can even teach young gamers something.

Colorful graphics

Smolsies 2 – Cute Pet Stories is ready to boast of the author’s graphics, which are present in each of the TutoTOONS projects. Images of animals here are as devoid of realism as possible, but this does not prevent them from being imbued with love for small animals. Developers prepared a set of animations for each of the characters, thanks to which their behavior makes what is happening on the screen as realistic as possible.

Video games aimed at a young audience have long enjoyed enviable popularity. The duty of every parent is to choose a game for the child that would not only entertain, but also teach something or instill some useful character traits.

Give your child a fun time

The developer took care about not only caring for the animals, but also having fun with them. Enjoy playing many mini-games, each of which can delight you with simple tasks and nice rewards. New pets appear here with enviable regularity, so you can collect a whole collection of characters.

Smolsies 2 Mod

The popularity of Smolsies 2 does not cause any doubts, since it has collected one million downloads in a short period. Moreover, number of reviews is approaching the value of five thousand. The project score is 4.2.

Game for all ages

If your child loves animals and is ready to devote his time to caring for them and playing, then you should definitely download Smolsies 2 – Cute Pet Stories. The project will not load the player with any plot twists and turns. Be ready to devote almost all the time of game session to virtual friends.

Developers got out in an extremely interesting way regarding the ways of the appearance of new animals in the nursery. Here, all the heroes appear from giant eggs and the player himself will not know which next animal may be a new addition to his collection.

Smolsies 2 Download

Exciting mini-games

Although Smolsies 2 focuses on caring for animals, there are not so many relevant options for this. Most of the time you will spend in mini-games that can cheer up not only the characters, but also yourself. It is worth saying that here you will constantly encounter consumable items. It is necessary to receive them by performing certain work, for which it you need to send one of the pets.

Naturally, you can distribute responsibilities, since work tires pets, depriving them of a cheerful mood, which is an extremely important parameter. Gradually, number of pets will grow, as well as amount of work, along with needs of the animals to replenish. The gameplay contributes to relaxation, since no speed actions are required to achieve success here. Smolsies can also delight you with various video inserts that may help you feel even more love for the little animals.

Mod Info

Free Shopping.

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