Sniper 3D Mod APK 3.52.0 (Unlimited Money)

Download Sniper 3D APK to fulfill orders, kill criminals and become the coolest army sniper in the world! Enjoy different modes and earn achievements.

NameSniper 3D
Size144 Mb
PublisherFun Games For Free
Get it OnGoogle Play
OS VersionAndroid 4.4
Mod InfoUnlimited Money


Take part in battles in online arenas and fight with other clans and guilds. All this can help you become the best sniper in a multiplayer shooter. Enjoy the ability to play both online and offline. This gives you the opportunity to have fun and hone your skills anywhere and anytime. Join Sniper 3D to prove your strength and become the best shooter in the world!

Participate in different modes

Sniper 3D has many modes to play. This allows you not to hung up on one mode and not lose interest. For example, Story campaign allows you to complete interesting and varied missions, eliminate targets and receive new tasks in twenty-one cities. Lots of room to explore and diverse characters make this mode fun and addictive.

Sniper 3D Android

Online mode helps to hone your skills, earn points and upgrade new abilities along with real people. The game also has the ability to create your squad with friends and fight other guilds of sniper assassins. Complete weekly events to get unique weapons, skins and increase your combat power.

The newest mode – Zombie Nightmare takes you into a zombie apocalypse. Get valuable rewards and upgraded weapons, save the city and kill thousands of zombies with your faithful companion – a sniper rifle. In addition to the above modes, Sniper 3D has a shooting range. A place where you can practice aiming, new tricks and shots. The game is evolving and growing. All modes are regularly replenished and updated.

Play with millions of users

Users around the world love the game. First, because it was one of the first mobile games with super realistic 3D graphics. There are over 150 sniper rifles in game store that you can upgraded. Rifles are completely different. Each with its own characteristics and unique design. In addition to the usual shooting in the game, there are special abilities, other weapons, unusual decorations and ammunition.

Sniper 3D Download

In-game interface is intuitive. However, in order to make quality shots, you need to hone your control skills. Project fell in love with gamers from different countries both for the battles with players around the world and for the interesting storyline. Rescue all the hostages and become the best army sniper in the world! Millions of players have appreciated and accepted with warmth a new mobile game that is true to the traditions of combat shooters.

Compete for the first place in the ranking of players

The game turned out to be designed in the style of an arcade, keeping all the best from shooters with action elements. Fight for justice and defeat the head of the underworld! Sniper 3D is a fun online multiplayer game. Take part in arena battles against real people and guild wars. Become the most sought after sniper killer in the in-game world. Thanks to the online mode, you can compete with other gamers for the first place in the ranking.

Feel like a fighter for justice

Start hunting terrorists and villains right now in Sniper 3D. Equip your character with the coolest rifle and complete contracts. Take the most optimal position on the map and eliminate terrorists holding civilians captive. Try to make your shots carefully and efficiently so as not to reveal your location. Otherwise, enemies can notice sniper and you will fail the mission.

Sniper 3D Mod

Using advanced sniper rifles will help you stay one-step ahead of your opponents. Choose targets carefully so that civilians do not get hurt. Any hit on an innocent victim can make you a criminal and the mission will fail. Throw away ethical questions, because your targets are crime bosses, mafia and murderers. Get your faithful ally – a rifle, fight evil and punish bandits.

Make accurate shots, because in case of a miss, the target panics and starts to run away. You, in turn, will receive a decent fine from the employer and fail the order. Campaign has many game scenarios and over 100 targets. Go through the entire gaming company and get a unique rifle! In addition, there are more than a dozen real-life models. Enjoy all their features during the gameplay. Sniper 3D has millions of fans among gamers. The game guarantees quality, proven by time!

Mod Info

Use unlimited money to upgrade your rifle and skills. Still, it is impossible to use diamonds for upgrading.

Download Sniper 3D Mod APK


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