Soul Knight Mod APK 4.2.6 (Money/Energy/No Skill CD)

Save your planet from terrible creatures with a help of funny hero in New Year hat. Download Soul Knight APK to stand against hordes of monsters.

NameSoul Knight
Size483 Mb
Get it OnGoogle Play
OS VersionAndroid 4.4
Mod Info- Money/Energy
- No Skill CD


Soul Knight captures from the first minutes and does not let go for a very long time. You need to save humanity from the invasion of alien monsters. The main character is a cartoon creature with a New Year’s hat on his head. The cat is the eternal companion of this character. At the same time, the hero, armed to the teeth, runs around the locations to brutal music, which looks quite comical and fun. When you complete the first level with a victory, it turns out that it was just a training. What will the game offer then?

Save the earth from aliens

Before you is a good shooter with pixel graphics. The protagonist must protect the Earth from alien invasion and return the lost magical artifact. You will be able to shoot the enemy from hundreds of weapons in your arsenal.

Soul Knight Android

Simple controls will help you quickly get used to it, while randomly generated locations will develop readiness for the unexpected. After the start, Soul Knight shows you several slides. Previously, magic stones maintained the balance of the world, but now somebody stole them. Main goal of the hero is just to find them. The plot will not distract you from the gameplay, as it is simple and unpretentious.

Random generation of locations

The path of main hero lies through the dungeon, divided into different locations. Moreover, the game features random generation of maps, which makes the gameplay more interesting. Therefore, if you once rose to the surface and descended again, then do not expect to see the same below as it was before. Everything will change starting from environment, location of bonuses and enemies.

Always try to stock up on the right amount of ammunition and bonuses for healing, so as not to stay in the dungeons forever, defeated by enemies. In addition to enemies, there are also traps in the dungeons. They can be of different types, so you need to not only study them, but also decide whether they worth your time.

Fight against numerous enemy forces

During Soul Knight, you have to explore many locations, which, of course, are full of your opponents. In addition to exploring locations, you need to shoot at enemies. At the first levels, you will not have problems with this, since your hero spins around his axis and literally pours lead on opponents. He always fights along with funny cyber cat.

Soul Knight Download

As you move forward, other characters with their own abilities will be able to come to your aid. For example, using various statues, you can call on the help of defender knights. In addition, various bonuses allow you to arrange shelling of the enemy or create a protective field.

Do not hesitate to help other characters

In addition to the hero himself, various pets or other characters that he will meet on the way can help him. In addition, you can take some of them as permanent guides to fight enemies together. In addition, you can choose different fighters in Soul Knight. There are seven of them. Pump each character, improving their vital signs. In addition, it is possible to choose one of three superpowers after each level.

Find all these characters in the menu, designed in form of a rest room. All the characters are sitting on the couch, talking, watching TV. You can even exchange cues with each of them. As a result, developers created desired mood in the game.

With all the unpretentious graphics and simple plot, Soul Knight is addictive from the first seconds. Pixel graphics not only do not worsen the first impression of this game, but on the contrary, it brings some joy.

Soul Knight Mod

Follow the main character

Three character scales that directly affect the gameplay are shield, life and energy. If everything is clear with lives and armor, then energy here is like cartridges for many types of weapons. However, there are species that do without energy. For example, Laser Fish shoots a laser that bounces off obstacles, destroying everything in its path. If you do not have such a wonderful weapon and energy, get the Old Pistol or go melee.

You can restore performance-using bonuses from chests or bodies of defeated opponents. All useful bonuses arise for particular hero automatically. However, lives are very rare. It is possible to buy them for coins from merchants or win for the same earned coins. However, when playing a slot machine, you do not know what you will get.

Mod Info

There are two types of mods available for Soul Knight.

  • First version offers unlimited everything with free craft.
  • Second version in addition to the first one also adds No Skill CD and Unlimited Energy.

Download Soul Knight Mod APK


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