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Listening to your favorite music has never been so easy. Download Spotify APK and enjoy numerous features that make this app unique.

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Spotify is the world’s largest music streaming service with 286 million users, 130 million of whom pay a subscription. Its library contains over 50 million songs. The project has been around for a very long time – back in 2006, when legal music listening over the Internet seemed like something fantastic. The main advantage is the algorithms for selecting music, which almost perfectly adapt to the tastes of listeners. If you turn on the “Non-stop music” function in the settings, then at the end of the playlist, similar tracks will automatically play. Often there you can find something new for yourself.

Listen to your favorite music

In-app music selection is staggering – it includes over 50 million tracks, according to the company. If you are looking for popular top hits or a niche band from your hometown released by a band or artist just a few years ago, there is a good chance you will be able to find it. Even major singers and bands famous for copyright protection distribute their tracks to this service, such as the Beatles. Non-English music can sometimes be a bit harder to find, but most of the main ones will likely be on this service.

Spotify Android

Listen to podcasts and comics

Aside from music, Spotify has also recently added support for podcasts and the selection has expanded as well. Chances to listen the show after its download from iTunes or Google Podcasts are very high. It’s got it all: big podcasts, whether you’re looking for popular hits like WTF with Marc Maron, real-time live podcasts like Critical Role and Adventure Zone or records of Twenty Thousand Hertz and Reply All.

Creators has even started adding comics to their content. However, the addition of the service to Archie’s six motion comics proved to be a Riverdale promotion made in collaboration with Nerdist. You can still watch/read them, but don’t expect Superman to show up anytime soon.

Unique selection of playlists

Another fat plus of the App is an unrealistically huge number of playlists (4 billion). There are automatic ones, there are copyright or genre ones. There are many music selections and, it seems, for every taste. Creators even added an element of the social network here: if you log in to the service through Facebook, you can find the pages of your friends. It is easy to link your profile to other social networks, including even dating apps.

Spotify Download

Each listener can enjoy automatic Discovery of the Week playlist, based on uses tastes. Usually it contains 30 new songs. According to Spotify, this is like a recommendation from yourself, only from the future.

Maximum convenience for users

Developers designed the player in such a way that it is most convenient for the listener to use it. The search works quickly and gives maximum results (you can search not only by musician, but also by genre and by year). Choose a smooth transition between tracks in the settings, autoplay similar music after playlist endings, manage privacy, etc.

The app does not load the smartphone and synchronizes listening from different devices. It is possible to transfer playlists from other services. Here, individual mixes become available based on the preferences of a particular listener. The player even remembers which songs the user plays on repeat.

Spotify has managed to develop an effective recommender system that has appealed to a huge number of people. How it works is a separate and very complicated issue, but it allows the listener to find many new songs and artists that he will most likely like without spending his own time and effort searching. Radio does not offer a few similar tracks, but entire collections of several hours long.

Maximum information for the user

Spotify attracts the attention of not only ordinary listeners, but also industry workers. It publishes data about the authors and producers of songs. It also allows you to see the number of plays for a particular song and find out in which cities and countries a particular artist is most popular. There is also a tab with the nearest concerts and news and charts.

Spotify Mod

Unique Discover feature

The service has a huge number of its own playlists, divided by genre or mood. Good quality selections for all tastes. In addition to them, you can use the popular playlists of other users. Just find them in the keyword search bar.

Discover is where all of Spotify’s algorithm-based recommendations come to life. The page has all kinds of artist and album lists generated based on what you listen to too. At the top of the page is the gem of recommender system. Every week, the playlist gets updates with singles collected according to your recommendations, all combined in one place.

Mod Info

  • Unlocked Premium Content.
  • Unlimited Shuffle/Repeat Mode.
  • Highest Quality.
  • No Ads.

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