Stardew Valley Mod APK (Unlimited Money/Free Craft)

Immerse yourself in the tranquil country life by downloading Stardew Valley Mod APK. Farm, go fishing and even get resources.

NameStardew Valley
Size291 Mb
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OS VersionAndroid 4.4
Mod InfoUnlimited Money


Stardew Valley is a farming simulator in a tiny cozy town. It clearly showed what exactly gamers dream of, resulting in thousands of reviews and over a million copies sold. Gamers do not always want to play action games, destroy evil spirits or tremble with horror. Sometimes they just want to relax their souls, admire orderly rows of zucchini beds, stroke the cows and scratch their beloved pig behind the ear. In other words, try yourself as simple fantasy landowner.

Escaping from the city bustle

The plot in Stardew Valley may seem very simple. In an attempt to escape from the city routine, the hero flees to the valley. However, although he escapes from it, but not completely. The game compensates simple plot with history of valley inhabitants and attracts even more attention.

Stardew Valley Android

Farm of your dreams

The first thing a player gets to know when starting Stardew Valley is creating a character and his farm. Customization here is very wide. You can choose from different hairstyles, eye colors and even accessories, as well as different types of clothes. Just create your own unique avatar. In addition, you can even choose your favorite items and even choose a pet and its breed.

It will be more difficult to decide on the type of farm in which you will live. Each of these farms has its own characteristics:

  • Standard farm is the most usual farm you could see in other games. The lack of any differences is compensated by its size. Thanks to this, you can successfully create a farm where absolutely everything will be.
  • River farm is very different from the usual one in its appearance. Divided into many small islands, this farm is perfect for fishing enthusiasts. Well, it looks very unusual against the background of other farms.
  • Forest farm, many times smaller than usual. To create a large farm, it is not suitable in any way. However, this farm has an excellent source of rare mahogany, so it will always be at hand.
  • Mountain farm speaks for itself. A huge number of stones and metals of different rarity allows you to have ore on hand, for which you would have to go to the other end of the city.
  • A farm in the wilderness may seem like an ordinary farm. In fact, the way it is, but there is one catch. At night, forest monsters appear on the farm, who strive to bite off a piece of you, so it is better not to work on the farm without a sword.

As you can see, there are enough farms in Stardew Valley. Each is unique in its own way, in terms of both landscape and features. You can easily find the farm that you like. Well, now you need to talk about the gameplay of the game, which is not much easier to talk about than about farms.

Simulator with endless opportunities

Talking about the gameplay of Stardew Valley is not easy, because you can do everything that the soul lies. Farming is the main occupation. However, as the day goes by, you will find out that there is also fishing. After a couple of days, you will learn about the mines and monsters located there and you understand that it will not be limited to one farm. The game does not try to limit you in everything. If you want to try everything at once, then go ahead.

Stardew Valley Download

Fishing mechanics is a test of your calmness and reaction. When the fish deigns to bite, you need to start a mini-game where you need to hold the fish by moving the green line. Well done, you will receive a fish as a reward. If not, well, your efforts are wasted. Sometimes a treasure with different treasures may appear. Anything can be in them. The main thing is to have wide pockets with you.

In general, there is something to do, but you won’t have time to do everything. The game has a system of day and night, which will not allow everything you can. The day starts at 6 am and ends at 2 am. If you do not have time to return home, then the hero will simply lose consciousness, waking up in the morning in his bed. Don’t just go crazy and do it all at once. It is better to plan what you want to do in one or the other.

Town full of stories

Stardew Valley doesn’t have a complicated story, but it does have inhabitants who can tell a lot about the history of the valley and its inhabitants. They reveal it thanks to the friendly relations of the hero with the inhabitants. The game has a peculiar system of relations with the inhabitants. Conversations with them, as well as gifts, slightly increase relations with them. Instead, talk with characters, as well as share with their past in format of small cut-scenes.

Stardew Valley Mod

You cannot get around the fact that in the game you can find your soulmate in this village. In total, there are 12 single residents: 6 guys and 6 girls who are also trying to find a couple. These residents are different in character: a closed introvert, a cheerful barmaid and designer, an eternally dull loader who hates himself or an overly self-confident girl. They are all different and everyone will find their favorite crash.

Wonderful pixel valley

The game visuals deserve special attention. The picture in Stardew Valley looks juicy and colorful. In addition, each season has its own color palette. In spring and summer, eternal green, in autumn, reddish hues, and in winter, cool light blue colors. The color palette also works particularly well in the contrast between the village and Joja. If the valley greets you with a friendly color palette, then Joja greets you with a cold blue palette, showing the maximum soullessness of corporations.

Musically, Stardew Valley is also great. Songs for the most part remind the genre of country music, as much as possible corresponding to the game. Seasons and cutscenes also have unique themes. In the dungeons, simple sounds of mice, dripping water replace the music. Even after ten hours, the music in the game is unlikely to get bored.

Mod Info

  • Unlimited money and stamina
  • Free Craft

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