State of Survival Mod APK 1.16.20 (No Skill CD)

State of Survival APK is an exciting post-apocalyptic survival strategy game with several game modes and an interesting plot.

NameState of Survival
Size151 Mb
PublisherKingsGroup Holdings
Get it OnGoogle Play
OS VersionAndroid 5.0
Mod InfoUnlimited Skill


State of Survival is a modern mobile strategy game created by KingsGroup Holdings. In a short period, the game has won a large number of fans of the strategy genre. The storyline covers the time after the worst zombie apocalypse. The whole world seems to have died out. Now you have to build your base and regularly repel the attack of dangerous monsters. Not just the dead that pose a threat. Some people have become more dangerous than the dead have. They want to establish control over all living things and rule the Earth for their own pleasure. As a result, the player will have to kill countless zombies in one period, and fight with living people for world domination in another. However, the primary goal is to create a vaccine and save the Earth from the most dangerous virus.

Technical features

There are no time or space restrictions in State of Survival, which specifically pleases most users. How the user decides, so the gameplay will go. Thus, the developers have provided absolute freedom to all players.

State of Survival Android

Developers paid special attention to the external characteristics. They used modern technologies to develop graphics. This did not make it colossal. In practice, nothing impressive All objects and animations look quite simple.

The game impresses with the level of dangers and the diversity of the dead world. A little courage and courage will not hurt you to cope with all the complexities of the gameplay.

Gameplay descriptions

Hearing the game name, the first impression is not for the better. Today there are more than enough games of this genre and theme. The project stands out among others due to the exciting gameplay.

The main highlight of State of Survival lies in the literal hopelessness that players face at the beginning of the game. However, a small chance is still possible to correct the situation on your own. Of course, do not make critical mistakes! It is important to make very great efforts to achieve victory at any cost.

Save the world from inevitable doom

The beginning of State of Survival is quite prosaic. It was a beautiful day that abruptly turned into hell for the entire earthly population. Ordinary life is gone. People began to die, and quickly. The authorities tried to resolve the situation by mobilizing troops. The virus was always one-step ahead. The epidemic quickly paralyzed all sectors of society, thereby hitting state and industrial structures.

Then the mass famine began. Government bodies dispersed over time, depriving humanity of a supreme leader. Mass chaos began. Well, then the gameplay begins.

State of Survival Download

The game process begins from the moment when the player found himself in the dungeon. There, he and other characters try to wait out the disaster. Everyone understands that the products are running out. It is time to move on, fight and restore the earth. Your character decides to get out, but for this you need to take trusted people with you.

Restore humanity to its former glory

Upon reaching the surface, you will see great destruction and encounter bloodthirsty monsters. At first, you have to fight off large hordes of zombies. Further on your trail will be criminal gangs that have crossed all boundaries and become like scary creatures. Now people are hunting people. Some clans will want to destroy you in order to assert their rule over the remaining people. Nevertheless, you can block their way if you play as a team.

Complete numerous tasks

Passing the first quests will help you farm the right amount of resources to build yourself armor and weapons. It will also improve your skills in real combat against zombies or real people. Coming out into the light, you have to establish a base. Over time, it can grow into a big city of salvation.

State of Survival Mod

State of Survival is very simple, because players receive certain tips in the beginning. You can skip them if you wish. The gameplay is easy: show your characters in which direction to move, what to build and what to farm. The map consists of separate cells, which facilitates the gameplay.

In the upper area, you can see detailed information about the character: health, stamina, strength, combat level and other equipment information. With each new level, it is possible to build additional buildings. The game settings are located at the bottom of the screen.

Mod Info

Unlimited skills. Now your heroes have no skill cooldown.

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