Stick War: Legacy Mod APK 2022.1.24 (Unlimited Gems)

Download Stick War: Legacy and enjoy an excellent game from the stickman universe that will especially appeal to fans of the series.

NameStick War: Legacy
Size103 Mb
PublisherMax Games Studios
Get it OnGoogle Play
OS VersionAndroid 4.1
Mod InfoUnlimited Gems


Stick War: Legacy is an exciting strategy that allows users to plunge into a fun strategic adventure. As a commander, tactician and stick strategist, you have to provide them with resources and military forces for defense. The essence of the game is to produce the most crushing army and defeat the forces of your opponent. At the same time, the game is not deprived of the interweaving of such game genres as quest, strategy, and simulator.

Legendary characters under your control

Stickmen are quite popular characters among the gaming community. The rating of the game literally from the moment of the launch has won multi-million downloads around the world. The game will appeal to those who love memorable tasks, interesting quests, bright and at the same time simple animation.

Stick War Legacy Android

Stick War: Legacy received a lot of ideas for fanbases, so you can find bright cartoons and stickman-themed mini-games on the Internet. Collect game collections, unlock different characters, use the most daring tactical decisions against your enemies and become the winner!

Fascinating plot

A dynamic plot will not let you get bored, as the game is literally full of actions that you need to constantly control. Monitor the state of the sticks, repel attacks, get resources and protect your possessions. Stick War: Legacy is an exciting game that will provide you with many positive and exciting emotions while playing alone or with friends!

Thanks to the mobile version, you can enjoy the colorful walkthrough from your phone screen anytime, anywhere. This is very convenient, especially for those who spend a lot of time at work, on the road or have the opportunity to take a break for the passage. The game is attractively funny animation, unique and recognizable graphics, and most importantly, simple and intuitive controls.

Stick War Legacy Download

Unfading dynamics

It is noteworthy that earlier shooters and fighting games were preferably developed for stickmen, so the Stick War: Legacy game will be an excellent diverse addition to the series of this universe. The game catches gamers not only with its plot, but also with well-developed dynamics, which is very important for games in this series.

Main and key element of the game are combat units – stickmen, but even they can’t do anything without your action. To win, you must destroy the enemy statue of a huge Stickman, which is both a stronghold of your base, a watchtower and an idol. A fatal mistake and the end of the battle will be the destruction of your Stickman statue.

Follow the economy

Stick War: Legacy has an economic mode, so the player will need to allocate resources and work force in order to quickly take the lead, develop and equip the defense. As in any strategy, the characters here consist of combat and workers, but the workers here are far from a miss.

Note that the game mechanics, and more specifically, economic AI decisions, are not always correct. It can often send low-resource forces into battle, building up strength for a more formidable attack. AI ​​system works a little differently. However, if the player does not break into the lead, then it will be very difficult for you to catch up with AI.

Stick War Legacy Mod

This is the essence, overtake your opponent, otherwise you will lose. One way or another, very soon it will gain an advantage, and then your army will not withstand the pressure. Try different game approaches, allocate resources and find your tactics. Crush the enemy not only with numbers, but also with the mind.

Allocate resources correctly

Resources in Stick War: Legacy are limited and their use must be competent. In addition, every few minutes the game base gets coins, which are so necessary for further games and conquests. Different units have different strengths, and given the pressure of the enemy army, sometimes it is not profitable to hire a dozen weak ones to counter a stronger enemy. Vice versa, sometimes it is more profitable to hire an army of small ones to fight a strong enemy. It all depends on the tactical situation and playing advantage.

Variety of game units

AI ​​ is designed to constantly annoy the player, so you can only get peace when the enemy stickmen are completely defeated. Let’s take a closer look at the game units:

  • Soldier is a common and inexpensive combat unit that helps the player very well in the first couple of a new mission. Its cost is 125 gold, the production is relatively fast and does not take much time.
  • A miner, worker or miner is a common strategic unit that extracts resources that are important to you. The cost is 150 coins. However, one miner minute adds 100 coins to your treasury every 10-15 seconds.
  • An archer or shooter is an excellent combat unit that has the advantages of small arms. Its cost is 300 coins. The only downside is they are weak in melee and don’t have much health, so take care them reasonably.
  • Knights are excellent combat heavy infantry. It is main unit of your army, which has a relatively greater survivability. It will cost you 500 coins.
  • A mage or sorcerer is a combat unit that is capable of magic. Magic and sorcery will be available to the player at no additional cost. This unit is quite good at both close and long range, so players often use the advantage of this particular class to defeat and destroy the enemy army. The cost is 1200 coins.
  • A giant or colossus is the most powerful combat unit that can single-handedly defeat a huge number of enemies. Brute strength, a huge body, a large supply of health and lethal power. This pleasure costs 1500 gold coins.

Mod Info

Unlimited Gems.

Download Stick War: Legacy Mod APK


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