Stickman Dismounting Mod APK 3.0 (Unlimited Money)

Download Stickman Dismounting APK to make different experiments with legendary person. Blow up Stickman to earn points to blow up him again.

NameStickman Dismounting
Size22 Mb
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OS VersionAndroid 4.1
Mod InfoUnlimited Money


Stickman Dismounting offers players to destroy a stickman in different ways. Stickman is a character known to the gaming industry since the days of mobile java games on push-button phones. Try to destroy this little man in all possible ways, including dozens of different types of weapons and traps. Stickman is a series that is a pleasure to play, regardless of the graphics and gameplay. An advanced destruction model allows you to observe in detail the process of destruction of various machines and other vehicles.

There has never been an easier game

The protagonist of the game is a stickman, a character drawn with a marker. He has to experience all the dangers that the mannequin faces. Each level will set new tasks for you. Somewhere you need to fly as far as possible, somewhere you need to knock a number of times. You should carefully consider the choice of means, given the terrain on which you have to go.

Stickman Dismounting Android

After all, the task is to subject the little man to such tests, during which an ordinary person would not have survived. Here, everything is possible in Stickman Dismounting. Hero is reborn again after each accident to go on a new flight and experience a new collision. The more fractures he has, the better for the player. After all, earn points for this, along with opportunity to purchase new means for testing.

No development restrictions

Some may wonder, what is the end goal of this game? There is no result. At all levels, you just need to kill the little man. The game is great time killer. Here you can reflect or throw out negative emotions, brightening up pastime.

Each destruction brings its own points and game money. Use it to purchase upgrades from in-game shop. There you can buy weapons, special traps, additional obstacles and some objects for the map. You can also purchase new locations here. At each location, some buildings and structures are available.

Simple and addictive gameplay

Each level in Stickman Dismounting starts with a location selection. Then you need to select a vehicle and items. Each level has its own task: to do a certain number of somersaults or spend a certain time in flight. For the successful task completion, players receive additional points to exchange in the store. At the end of each level, players can calculate all actions of the character.

Stickman Dismounting Download

There is even some training in the game. Carry experiments with a person to see what happens to him in case of any catastrophe. Move him to any vehicle and even plant on a mine. Then just watch what happens.

Attention to detail

Competent work with physics causes a separate respect for the developers. Developers of Stickman Dismounting considered all the details and even the slightest touch on an obstacle could affect the final score.

After completing the level, you can watch a replay of your passage. While watching, you can speed up or slow down the video. In addition, special button will allow you to share the result on social networks.

The developers did a very good job on gravity. Stickman flies according to all the laws of physics and falls according to gravity. Crashing into objects, it changes its direction, which allows you to collect even more bonuses.

Realistic sound you have never heard

Although Stickman Dismounting does not have rich and realistic graphics, it is famous for its soundtrack. The developers voiced every hit, fall or explosion. The cries for mercy and the flow of blood sound very convincing and believable. So even with simple graphics, you can plunge into the game with your head. Due to such a realistic soundtrack, we do not recommend for young children.

Stickman Dismounting Mod

Consider age restrictions

At the very beginning of your acquaintance, you will get Stickman, who can gladly participate in the most traumatic undertakings. The maps here are cliffs, long flights of stairs, obstacle courses and more. You only need to push the poor fellow so that he flies down at great speed, hitting various parts of the body on the ledges.

You will receive a certain number of points for each hit. The stronger the hit, the more points you get. The idea of ​​the project is to combine hero skins, vehicles and location features in such a way that Stickman gets the most serious injuries and provides you with a record number of points.

Mod Info

Unlimited money for all you wishes.

Download Stickman Dismounting Mod APK


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