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Download Choices: stories You Play APK, participate in the most unusual, and interesting stories where you can do whatever you want.

NameChoices: Stories You Play
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A rather unusual game genre is now gaining popularity. We are talking about simulations, not simple ones, but in the form of interactive stories. Get the initial picture of the world and begin to make a choice for the character with help of your mind, ingenuity, luck and intuition. Slowly but surely you are moving towards the end of the story, which depends on your answers. Choices: Stories You Play by Pixelberry is a good example of such a game. The game includes several stories and more than dissimilar to each other. Your characters can become students, future celebrities trying to conquer the musical Olympus, detectives or even knights.

Stories for every taste

The game features many stories of any genre and direction. Play in middle Ages, where dragons fly and a powerful sorcerer threatens the world. Start a journey with a valiant knight and save the kingdom. Do you like detectives? What about solving the sinister murder mystery? Action, fantasy – everyone will find something to their liking in Choices. These stories are even superior to the books, as each story gets weekly updates with new chapters. It is kind of like a TV series.

Stories You Play Android

With each new chapter, more and more adventures await you along with your favorite main characters. From the very first lines, the plot takes you into its own world, worked out to the smallest detail. As time goes by, the story picks up pace and becomes more and more interesting. The more details you learn, the harder it is to tear yourself away from the continuation.

Dedicated to RPG lovers

Choices: Stories You Play is not just a text quest. It also contains role-playing elements. You can choose the appearance of your character before the start of the story. By choosing different actions, you get a positive or negative reputation, which affects how other characters will treat you. Although the gameplay is simple as a cork, it is incredibly addictive.

Learn the story text in small paragraphs from dialog boxes. You can also read information about the location where you are at the moment. Even in the background, it is clear what kind of atmosphere there is in a particular location.

Stories You Play Download

The final is up to you

As in any novel, you have to make difficult decisions. Depending on the situation, they will be completely different from a trifling choice of direction to deciding one’s own fate or the fate of another person. Only you decide whether to kill or spare the enemy, a traitor character or still your best friend. Difficult choices will haunt you throughout the game and you will reap its rewards throughout the process. The story plays out differently every time you make a decision. Linear storytelling is not about Choices: Stories You Play.

The development of plot of your story depends only on you. Every step you take and every word affects the ending. Once you have finished a story, you can reset its progress and try again with different decisions. The player himself chooses the course of the story in very few such games. They all eventually lead to the same outcome to one degree or another. However, project has wiped its nose to all rivals, breaking out into the world top visual novels.

Uniqueness of the human imagination

While some are chasing trendy graphics and making another clone of some popular game, Pixelberry developers have created a unique project on the most powerful game engine that is possible the human imagination. It is not just another endless runner or a million-puzzle quest that you quit the next day. Choices: Stories You Play by Pixelberry means immersing yourself in an incredible fantasy world of your own imagination.

Stories You Play Mod

Unlike other representatives of the genre, this game features multiple plots. Constantly updated stories do not overlap with each other, so you can choose any of them to your taste. Each of the plots consists into chapters, so you can safely interrupt at the logical conclusion without fear that when you return, you will forget what happened before.

Mod Info

Every story has several options to choose. You can make your way in plot development with usual offers and extra ones. We provide you with opportunity to get free unlocked premium choices.

Download Choices: Stories You Play Mod APK


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