Tales of Wind Mod APK (Unlimited Money) 4.2.1

Tales of Wind is a game in the genre of role-playing strategy. The style refers to fantasy, which goes well with the main storyline.

NameTales of Wind
CategoryRole Playing
Size60 Mb
Get it OnGoogle Play
OS VersionAndroid 4.1
Mod InfoUnlimited Money


Tales of Wind is a mobile application in the genre of a role-playing game. Travel to a wonderful world with magic and sorcery. One fine day, real dark forces attacked civilization. Main character has to fight evil spirits bravely in order to return the state to a normal existence. The authors from Neocraft Limited managed to create a high-quality and entertaining project. It will certainly appeal to those who prefer fantasy-style gameplay. The developers have created amazing cartoon graphics that fully convey the completely charming atmosphere. In addition, you can play with friends or random people from all over the world.

Welcome to the fantasy world

Travel to a wonderful and mysterious land called Laplace. Peace and love reign in Tales of Wind, but everything is changing right before our eyes. Dark forces descend on the state, destroying everything in their path. The main character has to cope with black magic and bring light to this territory in order to restore everything. The storyline is quite interesting, as it tells about different people and life of the city. There is an additional plot that appears when completing some missions.

Tales of Wind Android

Different creatures inhabit the state in which the gamer finds himself. There are all kinds of characters, each of them has different characteristics and features. The story starts from the very beginning of the gameplay. It tells about the main character and his brave friends who went to protect the city from the influence of black demons. At first, there are no difficulties to cope with the dark forces, but gradually everything changes. It will be necessary to fight not with one demon, but with a whole army of monsters.

Customize your character

Special attention deserves a function that allows you to create your own character. Tales of Wind has a customization of the main character. The main character can be a girl or a young man, the choice is up to the player. Choose clothes and other items of appearance. However, this does not affect the technical features at all. It is just that the system allows you to create a unique character for each project participant.

Tales of Wind is an extremely popular game, so it has several servers at once. This system allows you to avoid heavy loads on the engine. For this reason, initially the gamer needs to decide on which of the servers he wants to play the game. After that, you must immediately join the alliance, without allies it will be quite difficult to defeat evil.

Tales of Wind Download

Numerous innovations

Visualization has two main modes. You can view the movement of hero on the map itself. If desired, you can turn on another mode and find yourself on the streets of the city itself. It is more practical to use the general mode. This allows you to navigate in space easily.

The map mode allows you to control your character easily. Use marks ar to complete the mission. Sometimes the system restricts the user from independent movement. This is due to the fact that each task can have a different purpose. The system displays all changes on the map and highlights the places of movement with a special shade.

The hero in Tales of Wind has his own individual qualities. You have to study in detail all his features. It is impossible to fight well with rivals without constant improvements.

Tales of Wind Mod

There are main tasks in the gameplay that focus on the plot. However, you also have the opportunity to pass additional missions. Perform these quests only at will, but it is better for the player to complete them. They bring additional rewards that you can spend on improving the characteristics of the character.

Mod Info

Unlimited Money.

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