apklm.com offers numerous services related to mobile games and apps for Android OS. By accessing services provided by our team, users agree to the following terms:

  1. There is no need to pay for provided content. All downloadable files are free to use. However, APKLM does not allow users to share downloadable content or any other personal properties, like logos, branding, etc. If you want to share any app or game with friends or somebody else, just provide necessary link to our resource without sharing the file directly.
  2. There no guarantees that any file downloaded from APKLM will work well on user’s device. Our experts test each application on several devices, but we cannot guarantee that it will be successful in other case. Different versions of Android OS, app requirements, internal settings – all this can interfere with proper installation. Please consider this fact before downloading.
  3. As our community grows, we receive tons of feedback. However, editorial stuff has the right to keep silence if user’s request has nothing in common with main topic. Still, APKLM has no rights to edit or change information provided by our community members.

We are free to change terms of services. It means that any of these statements may be a subject to change over time.