The Battle Cats Mod APK 11.7.2 (Unlimited Cat Food/XP)

The cutest cats are rampaging around the world. Take them under your control and make everything to free the world from evil in The Battle Cats APK.

NameThe Battle Cats
Size98 Mb
PublisherPONOS Corporation
Get it OnGoogle Play
OS VersionAndroid 5.0
Mod InfoUnlimited Cat Food/XP


The Battle Cats is an addictive game in which you have to control cats. They can help you win the battle in space and time. Create your cat army and go to battle in one of the most popular games for the whole family on the market. It will equally captivate both children and adults in her story. The game has a simple combat system. Just touch the cat you want to control. Destroy the villains attacking your cat base. Shoot cannons or use the magic of ancient cats to defeat your opponents.

Simplicity and comfort in everything

The game focuses on people of all ages and features comfortable optimization. Combat system has several types of difficulty so that you can focus on your level of play. The battles themselves do not require special skills and development of strategies. Pay for your skills and collect the strongest army of cats to defeat any opponent. A simple system for pumping allows you to develop without additional purchases in The Battle Cats.

The Battle Cats Android

Complete daily tasks and go through story stages to get the necessary experience for pumping cats. Each cat evolves and gains special skills at 10th level, revealing their true cat form to you. Capture the world and win treasures from the villains. During the gameplay, you will be able to find more than twenty exotic and rare cats to strengthen the power of your army. Complete hundreds of stages in different modes and storylines!

Gather the strongest army

The gameplay is simple, but that doesn’t make it any less fun. Fight villains, destroy their bases and get rewards. Cats open as you progress through the game. There are types that you can open for the passage of various story stages. Sometimes cat time capsules will fly to you with new rebels for your army of cats. The game has exclusive types of kittens that you can obtain during in-game events. If you didn’t make it, don’t be discouraged.

Buy these cats for in-game currency. Assemble army of cats correctly to destroy even the most powerful opponents. There are more than 500 species of these amazing animals in the game. Each of them has its own peculiarity and strength. The Battle Cats features mythical titan cats, dragon cats and Valkyries. Use shooters, tanks, a wide variety of sorcerers and ordinary kittens.

The Battle Cats Download

Complete Empire of Cats

Empire of Cats is a game mode that was the very first in the game. It contains 3 chapters, each with 48 levels. The main task is to collect all the treasures in this mode. In addition to various battles with opponents, you can also learn plot and history of cats. This game mode has many features. You have to fight with the most insidious villains. Some of them are holding captive your cats, so free them and replenish your army!

To complete all three chapters, you have to build a strong strategy, unlike other modes in The Battle Cats. Gather an army with the strongest combos, match rare cats and take back control of the game world. Countless references to the cultural traditions of different countries, mythology, literature, popular movies await you here. The mode itself is saturated with humor and lightness, despite the complexity.

The Battle Cats Mod

Use combo effects

The game has a well-thought-out cat army system. A certain set of cats gives a special effect – a combo. These effects are completely different: from additional ability stealing to increasing the health of your cat base. In order for combos to affect the game, you need to fulfill two conditions that you cannot find in The Battle Cats guide. First, the cats must be in the top cells of the army. The second condition: arrange the in order of the forms of evolution.

All other information about combos is available in the extensive in-game guide. There you can find a list of all existing combos. There are more than two hundred of them in the game! The number of combos that can be in your army is not limited. You can dismiss all irrelevant cats and their combos from your army at any time for special lights used for crafting and evolution. However, it will no longer be possible to return your creature just like that, so you will have to buy it again. Play with users from all over the world in online mode. Create your own guilds and unite in the fight against evil with other players!

Mod Info

There is always a lack of resources, so get the next features:

  • 9999999 Cat food.
  • Unlimited experience.

Download The Battle Cats Mod APK


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