The Sims FreePlay Mod APK 5.68.1 (Unlimited Money)

The Sims FreePlay APK is great game where you can control your own ward and lead him through numerous gameplay opportunities.

NameThe Sims FreePlay
Size56 Mb
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OS VersionAndroid 4.4
Mod InfoUnlimited Money


The Sims FreePlay is a very cool simulation game. As part of the gameplay, you have to create a real person and manage his life. This mobile app is no different from the famous computer version called The Sims. The only difference is that the events here take place in real time, which means that you have to wait a certain amount of time before performing actions. In addition, the mobile version allows all owners of weak devices to enjoy the exciting gameplay of this simulator.

Earn and spend

Players have access to many gameplay options, including complete control over the life of Sim, choice of his profession, friends, family, home improvement and so on. The game features a wide variety of tasks that you can perform to level up your own level and earn money.

The Sims FreePlay Android

Spend all in-game currency on buying clothes and home improvement for your Sim. In addition to completing tasks, you will be able to go to work and earn finances in this way. The app stands out for its high-quality graphic design, pleasant sound background, as well as a simple interface. Thanks to the latter, any player will be able to get used to the gameplay features quickly.

Create your hero

As soon as you launch The Sims FreePlay for the first time, you will be prompted to create your own character and choose a name for him. Here you are completely free in your choice, so you can give the hero absolutely any first and last name. Customize all the parameters of his appearance at will. The project has implemented an extensive appearance editor that allows you to fine-tune the character’s appearance.

Be ready to choose from a wide variety of clothes, shoes and various accessories. Players will be able to create their Sim the most similar to themselves, if they want. It is also very important to choose character traits for your character that will define him throughout the game.

Once you have created your hero, it is time to move him into a dwelling. You have the choice between building your own home and moving into a ready-made home. It is worth noting that initial capital of the family is only enough for a modest house with a minimum set of furniture.

The Sims FreePlay Download

Unique gameplay features

If you wish to start building your own house, then many new gameplay opportunities will open up before you. Players are completely free to choose the size of the dwelling, its height and other important parameters. Even if you do not have enough money to build your dream home, you can earn it later and do a complete home remodel again.

The choice of players in The Sims FreePlay will be presented with a huge variety of furniture and decor items that will allow you to create the unique housing. In addition to furniture, you can choose the color of walls, floors, type of windows, roofing and much more.

Almost all actions of your Sim require in-game currency. Thus, you will need finance to buy clothes, food, furniture for the house and much more. To earn money, you can send your hero to work and complete a variety of game quests. In addition, the project has implemented a donation system that allows you to buy in-game finance for real money.

The Sims FreePlay Mod

Keep a close eye on your character

Since The Sims FreePlay is a real life stimulant, you need to monitor the vital signs of your Sim constantly. Namely, you are obliged to feed him on time, send him to the shower and toilet, put him to bed and much more. If you neglect the vital signs of main hero, then he can get sick or become depressed, and then even die.

It is worth noting that the death of a character is inevitable here and you cannot delay it in any way. That is, if your Sim has lived a long life and grown old, then soon he will die. Don’t worry so much about this, as you can continue playing as his family members or create a new hero and go through a new life path.

Mod Info

Unlimited Money.

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