This War of Mine Mod APK 1.6.2 (Unlocked/Resources)

Download This War of Mine APK and try to survive all the fears of war in besieged city. Control a group of survivors and do not let them die.

NameThis War of Mine
Size554 Mb
Publisher11 bit studios
Get it OnGoogle Play
OS VersionAndroid 4.1
Mod InfoUnlocked/Resources


This War of Mine is an urban warfare side-scroller with elements of resource management, stealth and survival. You have to manage civilians with different skills, characters and customs. Survival of your commune depends on meeting the needs of the characters. The goal of the game is to survive the war. Complexity also creates a narrative with random events: a surge in crime, cold, lack of one of the main resources and hostilities.

A story that shocked the whole world

The entire city infrastructure is available to you and depending on your choice of where to go next night, possible supplies depend. There is replayability, as available locations and events at locations in the city change at each passage. The military, merchants, bandits and civilians change places in the new one and at the same time transform the locations. Mini-quests, random events and various activities tell and complement the story of the Siege.

This War of Mine Android

Fortify by day and travel by night

This War of Mine consists of two phases: day and night. During the day, you sit at home – snipers control the streets, so you can only go out in case of emergency. For example, when one of the neighbors comes to you and asks you to help protect his house from marauders. Here you are waiting for the first serious choice: respond to the request or ignore it.

The first option is risky, as it can leave you without one important team member. The second is reasonable. True, then you have to live with the fact that some bastards still broke into a neighboring house and massacred the whole family.

War is people

There are 15 character archetypes and 6 children available in the game. You can create 7 more by choosing your appearance and backstory.

This War of Mine Download

Characters are the basis of This War of Mine. They have a past and this is where the plot starts. The group, which consists of people from the socially low strata of society and selfish people, does not condemn theft and murder. Such characters can act tough and survive through violence and lewdness. You always have the option to take something from the weak or kill. At the same time, if your group consists of compassionate characters, they will become depressed in situations where they have to do something terrible in order to survive.

In addition to habits (smoker, coffee addict, teetotaler), the characters differ in several other ways. For example:

  • By profession (football player runs the fastest).
  • By number of slots in inventory (loaders stronger, but slower).
  • By the ability to guard the shelter (director of initial school is of little use in defense, but gets along well with children).

Do home improvement

You can make beds – they have at least some chance to get a good night’s sleep. The stove will allow you to cook hot dinners, which are much more satisfying than regular expired canned food. A moonshine is not only an opportunity to get alcohol (local currency), but also quickly “treat” melancholy. If one of the heroes gets depressed, just get him drunk – alcohol heals in This War of Mine. However, in order to create all this, you have to look for the right resources. You can do this at night.

This War of Mine Mod

Get your characters right

Let timing not play a special role in them, you need to remember that no matter what character you use for the resources, you need to be aware that even the strongest and most experienced miner will not be able to take everything out of the location to which you sent him the first time, not the second. Here you must constantly remember that you must definitely find and bring to your shelter now.

So mindlessly walking around in search of resources will not work either. Not to mention the fact that while you are looking for resources, no one prevents marauders from robbing your shelter. Therefore, you need to think about who to leave at night to guard the house. Whether or not to leave a weapon for him or whether it will be useful to you, and in general where, why and where you are going.

Unique gaming experience

As a result, you often get your own unique story, which you write during the game. This War of Mine is one of the few games where, depending on the nature of the character you play, depending on what you do and whether you manage, whether you go against him, thereby breaking his beliefs, the relationship between people in the group changes, and psychological environment, and the characters themselves.

Here, all your decisions affect something, depending on whether you did something or did nothing. You have to do a lot decisions in the course of This War of Mine. Send a person from the group to help the neighbors, knowing that he will leave for a day. Alternatively, refuse them, dooming them to possible death. Whether to kill a person, knowing that this will bring mental trauma to the character. Rob civilians, knowing that if you do not do this, the people in your group will have nothing to eat, or a seriously wounded or sick comrade will not receive the medicine he needs now.

Mod Info

  • Unlocked all content.
  • Map hack for resources.

Download This War of Mine Mod APK


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