Toca Life World Mod APK 1.44.1 (Unlocked)

Create your own worlds and stories in Toca Life World Mod APK. Choose a profession and earn money to enjoy different entertainment places.

NameToca Life World
Size85 Mb
PublisherToca Boca
Get it OnGoogle Play
OS VersionAndroid 5.0
Mod InfoUnlocked


Toca Life World is a new game based on animated series of the same name. This life simulator contains the entire collection of Toca Life games. Only you determine the rules of the game, so you can give free rein to your imagination and create your own world. The game features 39 characters and 8 functional locations, as well as secret places and items! Moreover, it is not only entertaining for children, but also educational.

Complete freedom of choice

In addition to everyday plots, you can do chaotic things that you rarely see in reality. For example, bring a ferret to school, put a pet on ice rink and color the teacher or play incredible stories with your characters. After all, developers created Toca Life World in order to develop imagination of children without limiting the choice of their actions.

Toca Life World Android

Variety of game locations and characters

At the moment, the game has 8 spacious free locations for the game and 50 paid ones. Each of them has a large selection of actions and options for the plot development, its own infrastructure and residents. In the game, you can go to school, drive your characters to the hospital, get a haircut and create your own clothing store. You can even dive to the bottom of the ocean with scuba gear.

The game has the opportunity to equip your farm, get used to the role of a university student or visit a magical waterfall with unicorns and fairies. Choice of locations is so interesting that it is hard to choose just one. Such a wide space allows you to realize all your in-game stories. There are also many ready-made characters. You can play for the one created by the developers or you can create your own hero of your stories. Creators also added to the game is the ability to create a mythical creature and a character of any age.

Pleasant secrets

There are many secret items and places hidden In Toca Life World. Show care, logic and a little intuition in search for them. Each in-game world has its own secret places. There is an old abandoned castle where you can get a unique mask for your character. If your character loves to cook, then you can find secret recipes in the cafe. In almost every place in the city, you can find a secret button and get a new functional room with its own characteristics. Such an approach brings even more variety to the gameplay, while developing mindfulness!

Toca Life World Download

Get your own pet

Toca Life World offers you not only a cat and a dog, but also create your own farm. A large selection of pets makes this life simulator unique from its competitors. The game has a wide variety of cats. There is even the beloved Hello Kitty, more than 30 types of dogs, horses, chickens, lions, rabbits, bears and even mythical animals. Ability to make a cute unicorn your pet is in demand among children. In addition, you can find special costumes for your pets in secret locations. You can have one pet or you can have 100 at once!

Get weekly gifts

In order to have a useful and interesting time in the game, it is not necessary to spend money on new game locations and items. Developers care about all users. You get not only weekly decorative gifts, but also new functional buildings and cities that developers regularly add to the project.

Development component

In addition to the fact that creators of the game looked at it “with eyes of a child” when implementing ideas, they focused on the developmental component in order to make a pleasant and easy-to-use interface. Main feature of Toca Life World is absolute freedom of choice to allow children to develop their creativity and imagination.

When creating the game, attention focused on preschool children developing fine motor skills during the game process. Riddles and secrets of the game help the child become more attentive and teach logic. A child can learn new features of professions, as well as get inspiration in one of them. Present a desire to become a doctor or teacher, because the game has a large selection of professions for in-game characters.

Toca Life World Mod

For the whole family

Despite the fact that Toca Life World is the game for children, it has gained popularity among players of different age categories. Teenagers and adults alike enjoyed the game’s aesthetic and loose storyline with ability to make their dreams come true. After that, the developers added a number of places, activities and professions for older people. For example, the ability to create your own rock band or your own flower shop.

Children around the world come up with their own stories and shoot videos on YouTube, sharing their ideas with the whole world. It helps them not to be afraid of the camera from childhood and feel confident in the future.

Download Toca Life World Mod APK

As we already said, the game has tons of different paid content. Get the opportunity to unlock everything free.


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