Tomb of the Mask Mod APK 1.10.4 (Unlimited Money)

Download Tomb of the Mask APK and make your way to the exit from tombs full of obstacles and different enemies.

NameTomb of the Mask
Size75 Mb
PublisherPlaygendaury Limited
Get it OnGoogle Play
OS VersionAndroid 5.0
Mod InfoUnlimited Money


Tomb of the Mask is an exciting adventure and arcade app with lots of interesting adventures and exploration. You can explore various locations and look for valuable artifacts and other relics. There is a separate kind of similar games aimed at passing difficult dungeons and searching for valuable items. These projects require the speed of reaction, ability to make decisions regarding certain situations and swiftness of controlling the hero.

Nobody expected such a success

Unfortunately, it is quite rare to find a high-quality and interesting project of this genre. However, the creators of Playgendary Company decided to try their hand at developing such a gaming application. The gameplay here focuses on the passage of complex and intricate paths along more than 200 levels. Lead a small, but rather fast, main character who wants to unravel all the hidden corners of the ancient dungeon. The visual component is quite unusual for projects of this genre. It reminds games on old game consoles like Dendy or Sega. Of course, the feeling of nostalgia led Tomb of the Mask to such a triumph.

Tomb of the Mask Android

Feel like Indiana Jones

Protagonist is a seeker of ancient relics and other treasures. At some point, he ventured to retrieve a very valuable relic from an ancient tomb underground. Our character wants to get a magical golden mask that gives its owner incredible wall-climbing skills in a couple of seconds. Having acquired this relic at his disposal, the character can deceive his opponents and sometimes even use power-ups in order to pass critical obstacles on the way.

Players will be able to get or buy other masks. Any of the relics endow the hero with unusual and very useful abilities. That is why it is worth collecting all such items, as they will help in passing.

The main task in Tomb of the Mask is to collect all the checkpoints required to move to another level. These points are scattered throughout the location. Getting to them can sometimes be very difficult. Your character can move to the next stage only after passing all the points.

Tomb of the Mask Download

Complete all the presented levels

Each new level brings a lot of difficult traps and opponents. However, key difficulty of the passage is not enemies and traps, but the limited hero movement. Namely, your character does not have the ability to move up or down in a straight line. He only needs to jump from wall to wall. Sometimes such a movement creates problems, since it is difficult to dodge opponents and obstacles during such a movement.

The developers of Tomb of the Mask came up with another difficulty so that players move faster in the level. Main difficulty is water, which moves behind you. If you hesitate in the process of passing, then the water will overtake you and the hero will drown.

Choose your mask

At the very beginning, main character has only one mask. As you progress, other similar artifacts open, giving the hero additional abilities. Each of the masks goes to the player as a reward for successfully completing the mission. All masks have many features that may come in handy during the passage. For example, one of the relics helps you calculate how many enemies you will meet on the level, and the other one will be able to count all the gold located in the location.

Tomb of the Mask Mod

It is worth noting that you will not be able to change masks during the passage. You can take a new artifact for the hero only after completing the stage.

Avoid obstacles and enemies

As noted above, Tomb of the Mask becomes more difficult further. So, overcoming more and more labyrinths, locations will become more difficult, more opponents and various traps will appear. If the hero does not cope with tasks of the level, then he will lose lives. When the character’s entire supply of lives runs out, you have to wait a certain amount of time until its full replenishment.

Various bats appear as opponents here, dreaming of eating the main character. You are also waiting for a large number of traps that will appear in the most unexpected places. Such a number of obstacles and traps makes players work hard in the process of overcoming the path. You will not even have a second to take a break from these tests. Therefore, try to show all your attentiveness and concentration during the game so that you do not have to go through the level again every time.

Additional features you may like

You can play Tomb of the Mask endlessly. Here, new levels and locations arise automatically every day and any further labyrinth increases in complexity. Enjoy an interesting short animated video after the end of another stage.

There is no annoying donation system here, but you can still buy additional lives, few useful relics and other items. If there is no desire to invest real money in the game, you can independently accumulate the required amount of in-game currency by passing levels. There is still a chance to use the Wheel of Fortune, which you can spin once a day. Depending on results of the lottery, this wheel may present players with a certain number of prizes or a specific amount of currency.

Mod Info

Unlimited Money.

No Ads.

Download Tomb of the Mask Mod APK


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