Toon Blast Mod APK 8537 (Unlimited Lives)

Solve entertaining match-3 puzzle by downloading Toon Blast APK. Enjoy colorful graphics and simple gameplay that can bring tons of emotions.

NameToon Blast
Size108 Mb
Get it OnGoogle Play
OS VersionAndroid 4.4
Mod InfoUnlimited Lives


Toon Blast is an exciting puzzle game. As part of the gameplay, you have to go through a series of levels made in match-3 puzzle style. That is, you need to make combinations of multi-colored elements and fulfill the conditions of the level. This game has a very exciting storyline in which you can meet charming characters who will help you in the process of passing.

Colorful puzzle for all occasions

Each of the characters has own unique skills that will be useful in the process of overcoming the stages. Among the main features of the project, one can single out a bright and colorful graphic component, as well as a pleasant background music and many gameplay features. In addition, creators of the project update their brainchild and many new levels appear in it on a regular basis.

Toon Blast Android

This allow you to enjoy the exciting gameplay for a long time. Toon Blast has a clear interface and an easy control system that even the youngest users can handle. Such a gameplay allows you to have fun in your free time, and at the same time train your logical abilities.

Hundreds of different levels

As already noted, a fascinating story awaits you as part of Toon Blast. In the process of passing users will be able to solve more than 2000 different levels. It is worth noting that all of them will become more difficult on later stages. Since the developers regularly update the project, the number of stages gradually increases. The game also hosts various event events that serve users with many new stages dedicated to certain holidays or other events.

The very first levels will be very simple, and you will be able to understand all the gameplay intricacies by solving them. Then you should prepare for the fact that as they overcome the process will become more complicated.

Wide variety of gaming opportunities

As the storyline progresses, new gameplay features will come. For example, players will be able to team up with other real users from the network upon reaching level 10. If you have joined any social club of the game, then many interesting opportunities may open up.

Toon Blast Download

For example, team members can exchange health points and in-game currency. Gamers will be able to take part in events and activities and receive great rewards by joint efforts.

Compete with players around the world

It is worth noting that Toon Blast has a global rating table of the best users of the project. As you progress, you will earn various points that will be recorded in this list. Try to earn as many of these points as possible to take the leading positions in this top.

The gameplay itself here seems to be very simple and even the youngest or inexperienced users can figure it out. By opening the level, you will see a field divided into squares in front of you. Each of the cells contains an element of a certain color. The player task comes down to the fact that you need to combine all these elements with each other, collecting rows of the same color items.

At each level, you can view the conditions for solving the puzzle. As a rule, this will be the collection of a certain number of colored elements. Any of the stages has certain restrictions on time or number of moves.

Impressive technical component

As part of the gameplay, you have to collect combinations of multi-colored elements and receive various rewards for this. Toon Blast has a very beautiful graphics, made in a cartoon style. In addition, you will meet many cute characters who can help in the process of passing levels. Of the main features, it is worth highlighting that the project is free and there are no age restrictions.

Toon Blast Mod

Try to fulfill all the task conditions without spending all the time or moves. This allow you to get big rewards for the level and advance further in the story campaign.

Mod Info

Unlimited lives – now you have the opportunity to play the game endlessly. Usually, the game offers only limited amount of lives, but now there is no such a problem.

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