Top War Mod APK (Unlimited Money) 1.299.1

Download Top War Mod APK and immerse yourself in building a base. Attack neighborhoods and try to stay on top making your army the greatest.

NameTop War
Size63 Mb
PublisherTopWar Studio
Get it OnGoogle Play
OS VersionAndroid 4.2
Mod InfoUnlimited Money


Top War is an entertaining global strategy in which you will find many sub-modes, large-scale construction and detailed settings for the operation of all processes at your military base. You have to become the commander-in-chief of a large army that cannot exist without a balanced base and loyal allies. In the same game, you will come across high-quality graphics, which in a cartoon style will invite you to enjoy spectacular battles.

Looking for allies

This project will constantly push you to find allies in the face of other players. The fact is that gamers in the same clan can exchange resources, jointly carry out combat missions and coordinate actions to destroy representatives of a hostile alliance, and so on.

Top War Android

It would be useful to mention that the gameplay here is slow. Many processes here take a decent amount of time, which will only grow as you develop. Building a base in the game offers you freedom of action. You do not have to build buildings exclusively in those places that the game will indicate to you.

The territory entrusted to you will grow rapidly, which will allow you to have an increasing number of buildings. Now, the game has more than ten million downloads and the number of reviews for it has exceeded six hundred thousand. The average product rating is four points.

Protect the world from evil

The action of the game revolves around the Dark Legion – ruthless tyrants who decided to enslave the whole world. By the way, the game world is full of refugees, abandoned buildings, looted cities and other horrors typical of war. You have to become one of the talented commanders who found the strength to unite people under his command and assemble an army ready to resist the commanders of the Legion.

Top War Download

Naturally, the local world is full of other daredevils, whose powers you can use for your own purposes. Yes, although all the players here have united against a common enemy, internal strife also takes place here. Nobody will stop you from completing tasks, fighting the Legion, and then attacking one of the nearby cities to replenish your supplies of resources. This flexibility of the gameplay has been highly appreciated by the players.

If we talk about alliances, then their main goal will be to capture the capital, occupied by the leaders of the Dark Legion. During its existence, Top War has acquired many sub-modes, each of which greatly expands the possibilities for obtaining additional resources and other rewards for players.

Raid neighboring settlements

There is no tricky player selection system in Top War. The fact is that most of the battles here take place at the request of the player himself. You can easily choose a weaker opponent on the world map and attack him to take resources from the victim. You can resist the raids of stronger players with the help of a special shield, but you could already guess that the purchase of the shield is carried out for donated currency. Naturally, you can turn to the clan for help, in which there will definitely be some strong player.

Develop your base

As part of the gameplay of this strategy, you will actively develop your base. Be prepared for the fact that the development of the economy and technology will be aimed at strengthening your military power. At the very beginning, you have to go through several training missions in which you will learn how to improve your fighters, build buildings and correctly allocate resources. For early development, solo missions are ideal for you, in which you will face weak groups of Legion fighters. During the training, you will also see your possessions, which will soon turn into a powerful military base.

Top War Mod

At your base, you will definitely have to leave a place to place your fighters. Their improvement here is due to the combination of weak warriors into stronger ones. Just like that, uniting the fighters will not work for you. To do this, you will need to study the appropriate technology. There is nothing realistic in this process, since, for example, combining two motorcyclists will bring you a good armored car. You can improve the bridgehead for the army in every possible way so that your army goes into battle with certain bonuses.

Don’t Forget the Economy

The economy in Top War plays an important role in the development of your army. Various production and mining buildings will bring you a steady stream of currency and resources. By the way, the improvement of these buildings can be secondary if you adapt to plunder resources in neutral settlements on the map or in the bases of other players. Be prepared for the fact that other players can steal the resources you have accumulated during an attack on you. It is highly recommended to spend currency on various technologies and improvements in a timely manner so as not to lose all the savings.

Look at the global map

Many activities will be waiting for you on the global map of the world. You will find wandering squads of enemies from the Dark Legion, neutral buildings, mines and much more. Bases of other players will appear daily, so be prepared for new neighbors. You will send troops to the facilities as part of military campaigns.

You will have access to as many military campaigns at the same time as you have separate armies. Be prepared for the fact that the military campaign itself will take a lot of time if you send your army somewhere far away. You will receive rewards and looted resources only when your army returns to base.

Try your hand at additional modes

In additional modes of Top War, you can watch wall-to-wall battles. In them, the troops will alternately attack the enemies until the enemy is completely destroyed. You will not be able to take part in such battles, so you will only have to observe the actions of your fighters. Don’t expect much realism in such battles, as the battle may well be confrontation between infantry and, for example, warships.

Mod Info

Unlimited Money.

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