Trials of Heroes Mod APK 2.6.63 (Unlimited Money)

Trials of Heroes APK offer unusual upgrade system and a variety of skills helps to explore the characteristics of soldiers in order to create a harmonious team.

NameTrials of Heroes
CategoryRole Playing
Size96 Mb
PublisherJupiter Entertainment
Get it OnGoogle Play
OS VersionAndroid 4.1
Mod InfoUnlimited Money


Trials of Heroes is an amazing and entertaining strategy game application that has gained a lot of popularity lately. Many MMOs can come out once a month without diminishing the popularity of older titles. The project in question belongs to an indispensable classic that has won the hearts of millions of users around the world. Here you need to move through different colorful locations, improve the abilities of the heroes, as well as manage carefully designed and outstanding characters.

Train to play in team

Note that the fights require team mode, so it is worth combining skills to achieve greater power. Thanks to the efforts of the developers, the world in which all the actions take place arise for a long time. If the game wins your heart, then be prepared for the fact that you need to spend a lot of time, and among the many similar games, give preference to this one. If you have been looking for an unusual strategy for a long time, then pay attention to this product.

Trials of Heroes Android

The first time you log into Trials of Heroes, you will be able to get some random characters needed to start the mission. Each character has its own rank, indicated by several stars. The most powerful and desirable heroes have five stars, and it takes a lot of effort to achieve this level. Only by collecting many special scrolls, you can achieve some great result.

There will be only those who have from one to three stars among the first fighters. It is not a desired option, but you have to start at least with this.

Choose your ward

Each hero in Trials of Heroes has his own race, but this does not mean that a dwarf, elf or werewolf will meet here. The difference in races arise only in the color scheme of appearance. Red Wound fighters have more powerful stats than Green Wound fighters do. After a couple of battles, you will be able to determine the race of the enemy by eye in order to select the most effective squad. You should always pay attention to the indicators of your own heroes, and when there are too many of them, focus on the expected conditions.

Before each confrontation, you need to assemble a new squad, where you need to focus not only on personal characteristics, but also on a combination of skills. It will take a long time before you can effectively combine heroes.

Practice combos

In addition to the usual attack, you can use a special skill that is activated after the energy scale is completely filled. Do not immediately use it, it is better to wait for the right moment.

Trials of Heroes Download

You can play Trials of Heroes using several interesting game modes. The first step is to go through the storyline. There are special tests here in which you will confront the most powerful computer intelligences, as you can defeat them only as a team. If you decide to fight in the arena, you can interact with real users.

If we consider military equipment, then everything is familiar and standard. Change moves alternately, first you attack, then the opponent. The end of the battle occurs at the moment when you can completely destroy the enemy squad.

Use automatic mode

If you do not want to fight manually, you can always turn on the automatic mode. It is best to deal with an opponent manually, because in automatic mode there is a higher chance of making mistakes. This is because the AI does not know how to apply the tricks that a person is capable.

For the successful completion of the stage, you can receive a generous reward, where they will give special “shards”. What do you need them? To start the process of creating a new character. To get a new hero, you need to spend five fragments.

Get rewards

There will be other items in the rewards as well. Use them in order to upgrade existing skills, as well as improve the heroes themselves. Use many items of equipment to give extra power. If you can get a sword or a helmet, you can be more useful during the battle.

Trials of Heroes Mod

You can recruit new warriors, come up with unusual combat strategies and learn some useful skills from opponents. It is worth learning a little so that you don’t become equal.

Trials of Heroes was able to please with an unusual plot and a relaxing gameplay. There is no need to make long meaningless movements. The developers have tried to do everything possible to make the toy simple and concise. You can start investing real money to pump soldiers faster. This is not a mandatory step, but it will help you quickly achieve success.

Mod Info

Unlimited Money.

Download Trials of Heroes Mod APK


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