Turbo Dismount Mod APK 1.43.0 (Unlocked)

Download Turbo Dismount APK and do everything to create numerous conditions for catastrophic situations with experiment doll.

NameTurbo Dismount
Size84 Mb
PublisherSecret Exit Ltd.
Get it OnGoogle Play
OS VersionAndroid 4.1
Mod InfoUnlocked


Turbo Dismount is a mobile simulation game. Try yourself as a screenwriter of a huge number of accidents, collisions, as well as various kinds of accidents involving a crash test dummy doll. Crash, throw out of the vehicle interior and broke it. All this comes down to make the user forget their own stress.

Release all negative emotions

In fact, this project is a high-quality anti-stress with a very large number of various kinds of interesting additions. The main distinguishing features of this game include realistic three-dimensional graphics, well-designed behavior of objects, as well as the real sounds of car collisions with each other. The game allows you to plunge completely into the process with a feeling of absolutely everything that happens on the screen. Of the special features, it is especially necessary to note the fact that you can independently create tracks for crash tests of vehicles.

Turbo Dismount Android

Get creative

The plot of Turbo Dismount as such is completely absent. The player is only required to invent different ways of killing. Accordingly, you will not find ranks, stars, tasks, as well as other nonsense that is usually present in other similar projects. There is only murder and nothing but murder.

The gameplay includes various levels. At the very beginning, you have a dummy and a vehicle. Invent a new way of killing with this doll.

Complete dozens of levels

Turbo Dismount is an extremely dynamic and colorful crash simulation game with a high level of realism. With each level, you become more and more strong internally and reveal your potential by killing the mannequin doll in different ways each time. In addition, the developers have introduced a large number of different levels into this game.

The purpose of each of the levels in this game is to increase your interest in what is happening in it. Developing various situations, the creators of this game did their best, as they say. They introduced a huge number of different functions into this game so that the project could satisfy absolutely any, even the most sophisticated fantasy.

Turbo Dismount Download

Excellent physical performance

If you have always wanted to know what kind of aerodynamics a person has, as well as how many parts a vehicle can fall apart because of its fall into a cliff, then this game will provide you with all the necessary conditions in order to check it out.

We draw your attention to the fact that the mannequin doll, which is prepared for murder, does not have to be exactly inside the vehicle. Place it on the roof, hood, and bumper or slam the doors of the vehicle. You are not limited in your imagination. Do absolutely anything with your mannequin doll that your imagination desires.

Impressive fleet of vehicles

The car park in Turbo Dismount is full of an abundance of vehicles. Here you can find absolutely everything, from scooters, high-speed motorcycles and cars, to huge passenger buses and large-scale trucks. Choose from a large arsenal of obstacles: jumps, fences, terrain elements, road structures and more.

In addition, the menu of this game includes a large number of different kinds of elements with movement. In particular, busy roads, failing road surfaces and more. You can also choose mannequin poses, vehicles and obstacles from the menu.

Turbo Dismount Mod

Amazing gameplay features

You can also choose the speed of your transport. Only this is not quite easy to do. The speed dial has only one button. You have to wait for the right moment, and then disperse the transport. At first, it is uncomfortable, but then this will add extreme to the game.

The game has an internal recording function. If you play Turbo Dismount, then you will have access to more than just a regular game. Be able to watch recordings to select the coolest moments. View recording in two ways: slow-motion window mode and normal view mode.

If you expect bloodshed, then it will not happen. Liters of blood, pieces of meat and other realism in the game are not available here. The physics in the project is well developed with pieces of plastic instead of a bloody mess.

Mod Info

Unlocked All.

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