Urban City Stories Mod APK 1.2.3 (Unlocked All)

Show your imagination and create your family. Download Urban City Stories APK and build you own city and add interesting plot!

NameUrban City Stories
Size54 Mb
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OS VersionAndroid 5.0
Mod InfoUnlocked All


Urban City Stories is a life simulation game originally created for kids. Find yourself in a new city, where you have to create a completely new life. Meet new neighbors, explore city places, discover secrets and complete quests. Your city has no rules, so make your own! Beautiful city locations and characters will inspire you to create unique and exciting stories.

Your city, your rules

You have to take on the daily life of an urban family. Organize unforgettable parties and make sure that the family has something to eat. Be the boss or save the city from crime, being a superhero. The whole city is at your disposal without any restrictions. Create the most fashionable clothing store, experiment with outfits and show them to the whole family. Fulfill your childhood dream and become a doctor or president! Create your own plots and stories and fill the in-game book of memories.

Urban City Stories Android

Large space for creativity

Urban City Stories has a huge police station, supermarkets, cafes, house of style and fashion, subway, nightclub and residential buildings throughout the city. In each location, you will find characters with whom you can interact and develop friendly or romantic relationships. There are 30 different characters in the game. Each of them has several options for customization.

Create universal outfits for the inhabitants of your city, adding own styles. Add color and brightness to the city! The game has a large selection of accessories and hats that can be the highlight of your heroes. Free version of Urban City Story includes 10 characters. You will need to buy premium subscription in order for new interesting characters to appear.

Family game

The developers have created Urban City Stories in such a way that the whole family can enjoy it. In order not to negatively influence the formation of a child, developers provided responsible social values ​​. The controlled in-game environment is free from third-party ads and violence. This project is safe for children of any age. Involve in exciting role-playing game in which a parent and child can plunge into the busy virtual life of a big city.

Urban City Stories Download

Create your daily routine and go on adventures in the big city. It doesn’t matter who your character is: a householder, a policeman or a banker. Everyone will find entertainment to his liking. Urban City Stories offer everything like in real life. You can go to the supermarket, cook food, go to cinemas and clubs, parks and fashion boutiques.

Develop children with fun

Let your child receive useful knowledge in a playful way. During the exploration of locations, the child will meet in-game characters who will help him learn many new things. Main heroes are memorable and kind, so they can teach only good things. Fun and intense gameplay will help develop the imagination. Supermarkets, shops and entertainment clubs are presented as developing locations in the game. In-game characters can help the child learn the rules of behavior in public places in a playful way. He will also be able to invent own stories and manage the whole family.

Create and decorate

Urban City Stories has 10 free characters to style from scratch. Create unique residents, come up with their character, features together with your child, and then develop the plot. A large selection of outfits will help you create. Use dresses, pants, skirts and suits of different cuts and colors, each with its own design. Different accessories and decor will help not only decorate the characters of your stories, but also create a cozy interior in the apartment. You can even build a new home for your family.

Urban City Stories Mod

Non-player characters can help in the development of your plot. You have freedom of choice communicating with them. Improve relations or worsen them. Think whom of your family members will work for and do not forget to create comfortable conditions for their leisure. Do everything in your power so that the heroes could receive only positive emotions and a fun life! New adventures and neighbors are waiting for you.

Not only the life of your family, but also fate of all the city characters is in your power will be. Create events and arrange the cultural life of the city. Create the happiest place in the in-game world.

Mod Info

As we said earlier, only 10 characters are available in free version. Now you can get access to all content in the game free.

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