War and Order APK + Mod 2.0.50 (Unlimited Money)

Download War and Order APK and build your own empire from scratch. Train army, immerse in economy and join alliances.

NameWar and Order
Size52 Mb
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OS VersionAndroid 5.0
Mod InfoUnlimited Money


War and Order is an exciting mobile real-time strategy game. Its authorship belongs to Camel Games, which developed such projects as Age of Z and Titan Throne. Travel to a fantasy world where trolls and dragons live, and one of the main weapons is magic. As the plot develops, you have to actively interact with the world of magic and use the appropriate tools. For example, it will be possible to buy the services of a combat elven unit or throw a magic formula at the enemy.

Build an empire from scratch

Go through a difficult but exciting path. It is necessary not only to fight with numerous opponents on the battlefield, but also to plunge headlong into the intricacies of managing state-forming processes. Master basics of economics, urban planning and military skill.

A charming lady-guide will give a tour of the gameplay. She will explain the rules of the kingdom and the principles of participation in conflicts. Learn how to build structures for various purposes and according to what laws life unfolds in the future empire.

War and Order is not typical for military strategy. In addition to the main characters, you can meet elves who own ancient magic, bestial orcs, majestic dragons. Warriors have own skills, including a number of abilities unique to this group. Consider this fact when choosing a particular character.

Think strategically

During the game, you have to expand possessions, conquering nearby lands in an ever-expanding space. No less important is the task of defending the territory from enemies who regularly raid for capturing.

Success of repelling attacks in War and Order depends on number of soldiers and number of structures intended for waging a defensive war. Opponents act by force, not by cunning. It is not enough to form an army, that is, it is not enough to buy soldiers. You need to conduct a training course, as well as organize meals.

As in life, process of establishing world domination does not take place at once. The game requires concentration for a long time and attention to numerous details.

Develop your skills wisely

It also takes a long time to pump heroes. The process requires numerous resources and time – be prepared for this. Spend funds on development: improve buildings and increase strength of the armed forces.

As the gameplay progresses, you have to go through quests periodically offered to them. Its successful completion brings various bonuses relied upon as a reward. Those who do not adhere to the loner player principle can unite in alliance. There is a wide range of associations. Participation in an alliance reduces the number of bonuses received and greatly simplifies the passage of quests.

Cool gameplay processes

It is rather an idea not of developers, but of users who tried to make it easier to navigate the strategy space. There is no strict sequence of steps in War and Order. They are not plot moves, but complexes of actions and strategic initiatives. Let’s consider them in more detail:

Motherland. The hero is born in a small village, from where he begins to move towards world domination. Such important processes as the recruitment of soldiers and their pumping are localized in the capital. There are also structures intended for defense, enterprises that ensure state welfare and educational institutions for mastering spells.

Empire. In the process of conquering the world, you have to destroy all enemies and attach locations with resources – treasury and cities. Victory in battles is impossible without magical skills and abilities. Conduct research expeditions to abandoned ancient settlements to strengthen them.

Alliance. Create conglomerations that provide tangible benefits. Military power of the army increases. There are chances to defeat stronger opponents in War and Order, as the state grows at a faster rate. In addition, it is possible to exchange resources and ask for the help of well-developed players.

Battles. This stage consists of attacks, strategizing battles and victories. In case you overestimate your and made a mistake in assessing the power of the enemy army, a loss is also possible.

Conquests. You can attach to your kingdom not only neighboring possessions, but also lands inhabited by magical creatures – orcs, dragons. Accordingly, successful implementation of this stage requires a different amount of resources, pumped to a certain level of the army and a sound assessment of their capabilities.

Play the way you want

The choice of strategy in War and Order is a matter of the player’s taste. Those who are more comfortable acting alone may simply ignore alliances. Participation in them is not a mandatory for successful completion. Do you prefer to enlist the support of powerful players in advance? Choose a team game, join alliances and get involved in politics. You need the art of negotiating, making compromises, evaluating the benefits of cooperation.

Magic here is not on the background and does not play an exclusively supporting role, as in some analogues. The technical solution is standard for the real-time strategy genre. Visually, the game features a realistic style using three-dimensional graphics. This explains exactingness in relation to the carrier. The game will appeal to those who want to delve into the various intricacies of managing own country, including inexperienced gamers.

Mod Info

Unlimited Money.

Download War and Order Mod APK


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