War Robots Mod APK 8.3.0 (Unlimited Rockets)

Download War Robots APK and immerse yourself in an exciting battle with robots in several game modes. Fight players from all over the world.

NameWar Robots
Size84 Mb
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OS VersionAndroid 5.0
Mod InfoUnlimited Rockets


War Robots is an exciting online shooter set in the setting of the future. As part of the gameplay, you will control powerful combat robots and participate in fierce battles with real users. Players will develop their combat vehicles in every possible way. Equip them with the latest weapons, making them much faster and stronger. Here is a wide variety of robots, where everyone can choose a car to their liking. You can take a fast and very light robot or choose a slow but powerful one. The whole choice depends on your play style.

Incredible worldwide popularity

Despite the fact that Play Market now has a large number of similar futuristic action shooters, this project has managed to gain immense popularity. In addition, it is worth highlighting that War Robots received the Editors’ Choice award, which moved it even further into the ratings of similar projects. To date, more than fifty million users from all over the world have downloaded this game. Fans actively comment on the game on Google Play, leaving only positive feedback. The game’s average score now stands at 4.6, which is a high score given the competitiveness of the genre and themes.

War Robots Android

Addictive gameplay

Since War Robots is an online shooter, you should expect that the gameplay will be very dynamic and it will implement many gameplay details. As soon as you start the game, you find yourself in a virtual hangar, where you can find all your robots and various battle statistics. The hangar features several cells in which you can place your combat vehicles. To purchase a new robot, you just need to go to the in-game store and click the “buy” button. You can earn money to buy upgrades or new cars during game matches.

Battles with other players take place in a variety of locations. The developers have come up with many maps with unique features that will delight all fans of shooters. You will also be pleased with the number of game modes. Fight one on one with an opponent or take part in a team battle, along with your comrades or random users from the network. If you are a fan of dynamic shooters and future themes, then download War Robots and go into exciting battles with real opponents.

Build your fighting robot

All military equipment here is divided into three classes. Among them are light robots, medium and heavy ones. Light vehicles move very quickly across the battlefield, but inflict low damage to the enemy. Heavy vehicles are ideal for combat, as they have a lot of damage and a lot of armor, but they are quite slow, which makes them easy targets for the opponent.

War Robots Download

There is also a third type of combat vehicles balanced in terms of parameters. You can improve each of your robots in every possible way. Add various additional weapons to it, leaving no chance for any opponent on the battlefield. From additional modifications, you can choose from various rocket launchers, plasma weapons and much more.

Someone must control any combat vehicle, so the developers decided to create pilots for robots in recent updates. Here they also feature several types. There are standard pilots and legendary ones. Each of these drivers has own unique abilities, which you can also improve.

Multiple game modes

War Robots features three game modes. There is capture of the point, arena and battle against all opponents. Point capture mode divides players into two teams and they need to seize control of five points. All these control places will be randomly scattered throughout the battle map.

Mode where you are against everyone offers you to clash with a large number of real opponents and kill as many enemy units as possible in order to win. In the arena, you will also fight as part of a team. The entire battle takes place between two groups of users. Winner here is the one who managed to keep the largest number of survivors in his team.

War Robots Mod

As in many action shooters, there is a donation system here. The game has many purchases for which you need to pay real money. Donations allow players to buy special containers in which you can find many useful resources. Players can also purchase Premium access for money. If you are the owner of such access, you will be able to upgrade your combat vehicles much faster. In addition, this increases your chances of winning many battles.

Mod Info

Unlimited Rockets

Download War Robots Mod APK


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