Westland Survival Mod APK 3.5.1 (VIP/Free Craft/Menu)

Survive as a cowboy on the prairies of the Wild West! Download Westland Survival APK and put things in order among bandits, locals and nomads.

NameWestland Survival
Size246 Mb
PublisherHelio Games
Get it OnGoogle Play
OS VersionAndroid 6.0
Mod InfoVIP/Free Craft/Menu


Westland Survival is MMORPG game in the style of the best westerns. Here you need to explore the lands of the Great Plains and trade with the Indians. Fight robbers and defend your ranch by shooting and setting traps.

Become the most famous cowboy

There are plenty of fun activities in Westland Survival. Arrange shootouts with bandits, fight with guns and pistols. Protect your ranch, because criminals hate cowboys and will not miss the chance to attack you! Strengthening the ranch alone will not be enough. You need to use brute force to win. As you play, collect rare blueprints and dismantle enemy weapons to find parts.

Westland Survival Android

Create powerful weapons: from ordinary cowboy revolvers to new guns. The main thing is not to forget to strengthen the armor. This will help new materials and quests. Develop your shooting skills and tactics during the battle. It is possible to become the most powerful cowboy in the world only thanks to your skills. Defeat all bandits and create unique weapons!

Create a unique ranch

Build your cozy home in Westland Survival. You will face many dangers, so be ready for battle. Finds the necessary resources and create new buildings. Conquer rare materials in the Rogue War and trade with the Native Americans. Create your own unique fortress! Hunt wild animals for valuable fur to survive the cold and hunger during the frosty season.

You can also tame animals and then they will fight on your side in the battle with the robbers. What is a cowboy without a horse? Build a stable and raise your faithful partner and friend! A faithful horse will help you travel fast and collect more unique items and resources.

Westland Survival Download

Travel to new locations

The game has countless new locations to explore, so use the full potential of the game! In each location, you can find thematic resources and meet new dangerous enemies. Post an Indian tribe, friendly locals will help you create mystical items with their own special energy and power. In return, they will ask you to get rid of the robbers in their camp.

Explore the Cave of Spirits to unravel the mysteries of dead gods. Fight army of zombies while protecting your planet. When you pass all the tests in Westland Survival, do not forget to pick up a special reward and treasure. Visit the lands of red canyon – the Canyon of Trials. Here you have to fight zombie spirits and complete all the Shaman tasks. Test your strength and try to resist waves of enemies. You can also get a reward after a difficult boss fight!

Play both modes

Go through the story campaign, traveling through the open world. Explore new locations, meet many NPCs and complete their tasks to get rewards. You are the last one left alive from your village. Develop your own unique military strategy and create new weapons. Destroy evil spirits or ask for help from the spirits of your ancestors. To survive, you need to fight robbers and zombie armies, as well as rob other players. However, there are no rules in online combat. Enjoy and play as the best shooter in PvP and PvE modes.

Westland Survival Mod

There are no rules for survival in combat, because adventure will never end even in PVE/PVP mode. Westland Survival allows you to organize competitions with friends and create your own guilds! Complete daily tasks from the Sheriff to develop your ranch and get the support of locals. Don’t miss temporary events. The most recent event is the “train”. You need to save the train of merchants from the attack of bandits. Traveling merchants will thank you with unique gifts from the New World.

Continuous development

A big team is working on improving the project. The developers regularly release seasonal events and events. New locations, items and skins arrive with each update. All this diversifies the gameplay and guarantees high positions in the popularity rating on different platforms. The game already has over ten million satisfied users.

Westland Survival is a free survival game. In order to develop comfortably and quickly, you do not need to donate and buy a subscription. However, the game has paid skins and the ability to purchase in-game currency for real money. Such an approach can help you in rapid development without effort. Try yourself as a brave cowboy!

Mod Info

Download APK with built-in menu with next features:

  • Unlocked VIP.
  • Unlimited food.
  • Free craft.
  • Weapon durability.
  • Free upgrades and building.
  • Duplication of items.

Download Westland Survival Mod APK


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