Zero City Mod APK 1.31.5 (Unlimited Money)

Download Zero City APK and build the most protected shelter in the world. Survive in post-apocalyptic world and fight zombies.

NameZero City
Size101 Mb B.V.
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OS VersionAndroid 4.4
Mod InfoUnlimited Money


Zero City is an exciting project made in the survival simulation genre. Developers combined game mechanics with micro management. The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting. Organize a shelter for people who survived the virus in a city filled with huge hordes of mutants. The number of zombies is constantly growing, and they raid the hideout of normal people from time to time. You have to fight monsters, as well as send people to explore nearby areas for necessary resources. Each survivor has his own specialization, which you need to use correctly to achieve greater efficiency.

Classic plot with several innovations

The plot is not new – as always, an unknown, but very aggressive disease turns all living beings into bloodthirsty mutants. Naturally, zombies crave meat and therefore brazenly destroy everyone they meet. There are very few survivors, and your hero is the most responsible of them. Now the players need to become the leader, create a safe shelter and start the restoration of civilization in this world.

Zero City Android

The main difference between the Zero City game and most similar projects lies in the mental abilities of the living dead. This time, the zombies are not stupid bloodthirsty creatures, but rather sentient creatures that can work together for a successful attack.

Secure Your Shelter

According to the plot, you ended up in one of the shelters, whose commander suddenly died. Now the player takes the place of the head of the shelter and fights a zombie group. Its leader is a mutant named Elder. Therefore, it is urgent to organize protection and inform all people about a possible mutant attack. Any defensive measures require a lot of weapons and resources.

You have to recruit new residents to grow gray, create weapons and extract resources in Zero City. Postponing the organization of defense is not worth it. Creating life in your bunker is quite a difficult task and a regular lack of resources complicates it. That is why it is better to act immediately. After all, survival of all the inhabitants depends on decisions and actions of the players.

Zero City Download

Economics and management are the key to success

As soon as you enter into the rights of the leader, you will immediately find out about the zombie attack. However, in a few moments you will receive good news. Enemies retreated at the very last moment. The reason for this refusal to fight will be the news about the laboratory located on the other side of the world. Scientists were able to discover a cure for a mysterious disease. Somehow, the dead under the command of the Elder caught this signal and immediately moved on to another target, taking a short break from your base.

The most important thing in Zero City is the shelter. Each participant sleeps, eats and plays sports to improve their abilities. The bunker has many different rooms, from living rooms to a storage room and a gym. As you progress in the game, you have to upgrade the performance of each room. Players have to pay for each update with in-game finances. That is why we recommended controlling your expenses from the very beginning of the game.

Get resources and train people

New people regularly arrive in your shelter and they should receive new tasks. The strength of army and the viability of all residents depend on how well you distribute tasks. Players independently determine all the roles of the base inhabitants. It is necessary to take this moment seriously and think through all the details to ensure the most effective process for the development of your settlement.

Zero City Mod

Fight and win to get resources. In order to take part in the battle, it is necessary to send a group of soldiers to the surface. You can fight not only with the dead, but also with other players. The creators of have added the ability to battle in multiplayer mode.

Exciting battles

The battle process within the framework of Zero City takes place offline. Players do not need to use any additional buttons for this. You can use different types of weapons in battle, such as machine guns or rockets depending on the level of your weapons. When players win a battle, they receive many useful items and resources, which may include improved weapons or equipment for characters, new equipment for the shelter, building materials, food, water and currency.

Do not think that Zero City consists only of battles with the dead. You can receive a variety of tasks. For example, protect scientists from zombie attacks or get a specific amount of resources for shelter and so on.

Mod Info

Unlimited Money.

Download Zero City Mod APK


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