Zombie Catchers Mod APK 1.30.24 (Unlimited Money)

Start unusual business controlling an alien and hunting on bloodthirsty zombies. Download Zombie Catchers APK and run your cafe.

NameZombie Catchers
Size80 Mb
PublisherDeca Games
Get it OnGoogle Play
OS VersionAndroid 7.0
Mod InfoUnlimited Money


Zombie Catchers is a very addictive zombie arcade game. This time, you will see zombies from a slightly different side, from which they have not seen them before. According to the plot, a cunning alien arrives on Earth and decides to open a special bar with various drinks and desserts. He decides to use real zombies as ingredients for his dishes. Therefore, players need to go through a series of levels and catch zombies in order to cook various treats from them. You have a huge arsenal of weapons, as well as a variety of traps and baits to capture monsters.

You have never seen such cute zombies

The funniest moment of the game is that the zombies here act as harmless creatures forced to hide in all sorts of caves and shelters. In addition to catching ingredients for dishes, players need to engage in the development of their institution. You can purchase various devices and other items for cooking in Zombie Catchers. Come up with new and tasty recipes to delight customers and earn big profits to spend on further development and improvement. Don’t forget about buying new equipment to catch zombies. The game has a very nice graphic design, as well as a fun soundtrack.

Zombie Catchers Mod

Start an original business

As noted above, the plot tells us about a funny alien who is about to open a unique bar. Main features of this establishment is that customers will try food and drinks made from real zombies. Main character needs to go hunting for poor monsters to get the ingredients for treats. The alien will have a robot assistant who helps him in trapping and processing the walking dead into goodies.

During the game, you have to deal not only with catching creatures, but also with expanding your zombie bar. Despite the unusualness of the dishes, many people come to the institution, so you need to constantly invent a variety of recipes and improve the bar in every possible way so that it brings much more profit.

Go on a real hunt

The whole fun of the game Zombie Catchers is that the zombies are presented here in an unusual role. In almost all games dedicated to them, these heroes are very evil spirits. However, here you will see frightened creatures that hide throughout the game. As soon as the zombies see your hunter, they immediately scatter in different directions and hide in holes and dungeons. To catch your prey, you need to make maximum attention and then you will find many ingredients for your dishes.

Use special drones

The process of hunting here is quite exciting. You will search for hidden zombies with help of drones that fly around the entire location and scan it for monsters. At the beginning, players have only one drone, while you can acquire others as you progress. Buy any of these drones for a special in-game currency – plutonium.

Zombie Catchers Download

It is worth noting that each new drone will have a higher cost than the previous one. Therefore, try to save up plutonium and not spend it on other acquisitions. Otherwise, you will not be able to get a new drone.

Hush the grass below the water

As soon as the drone scans the entire location and finds the hidden creatures, an alien armed with a harpoon appears. When the zombies see the main character, they will immediately rush in all directions. The alien needs to hit any of them with an accurate shot and then he will be able to get an excellent ingredient for his dishes. In addition, you can use a variety of traps and baits in Zombie Catchers that will attract creatures. The best bait for zombies are fresh brains. You can just put them near the mink and the dead will immediately get out for a treat.

As mentioned above, when the protagonist approaches, all creatures immediately hide in holes. Therefore, you need to stay away from creatures’ hideouts. To determine if a zombie is in a particular location, you can see an exclamation mark on the screen. If you move far enough away from this place, the sign will disappear.

An impressive arsenal of weapons and traps

A wide variety of weapons presented in Zombie Catchers will help you shoot the fleeing zombies. At the very beginning, you have only one harpoon, which will be the main weapon throughout the game. As you level up, new weapons will unlock. For example, you can use the tranquilizer gun, the Tesla gun and so on.

Zombie Catchers Android

Each weapon has its own supply of shells. Constantly update ammunition and reload weapons. Otherwise, you will not be able to shoot creatures. You can choose several types of weapons at once on the level, among which there must be a harpoon.

In addition to weapons, the project features a variety of traps. You can place them directly in the location itself. Take only a couple of these traps with you to the level. Moreover, you can take them back to use in the next stage after using them.

Mod Info

Unlimited money.

Download Zombie Catchers Mod APK


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