Zooba Mod APK 3.35.0 (Map Hack/Always Shoot)

Participate in royal battles with animals and try to stay alive. Download Zooba APK, choose your character and start killer career.

Size185 Mb
PublisherWildlife Studios
Get it OnGoogle Play
OS VersionAndroid 6.0
Mod InfoMap Hack/Always Shoot


Become the king of the zoo in exciting action game Zooba. Enter the battle for the crown of main animal. Defend yourself from enemies and fight other players. Up to 45 people can fight in PvP battles at the same time! Action game has several different modes, while focusing on an audience of all ages. Enjoy very fun and addictive gameplay and make your favorite animal the king of the zoo!

Find your best animal

More than 20 characters are available in the game. The first few levels, you can choose an animal and those offered, and then buy it for in-game currency, which accumulates very easily. Each of them has their own unique abilities, strengths and weaknesses. The variety of animals is impressive. Each of them has its own character from sly fox Nyx to suspicious giraffe Pepper.

Zooba Download

The newest was Wolf Jack with his unique character and new playability. Favorites among game users are Molly the kangaroo with a baby, who fight as a team, helping each other and Larry the chameleon, who easily blends into the background, becoming literally invisible. Each player can choose a beast that fits the character. Upgrade your characters, collect dozens of items to suit your play style. Decorate your favorite heroes with beautiful and fun animal-specific skins and use hero emotes in the game!

Play with friends

Zooba has multiplayer modes. This brings variety to the gameplay and gives players the opportunity to play with friends. Fight with real people for the supremacy of the food chain. The modes have interactive items. For example, you can hide in the bushes and wait for enemies. Choose a unique battle strategy for yourself and fight in a friendly battle! Use more than 10 types of weapons in one battle. Join clans or create your own to fight group battles and get special rewards for it. Develop a special strategy to lead the ranking of players.

Zooba Mod

Get Rewards

Complete exciting missions and get rewards. Every month the season starts over with release of new quests and some plot narrations. Feel like the king of the zoo, destroy all the guards and take part in a lively battle with other animals. Work out your strategy and thanks to this, increase the level and improve your animals. Find the best weapons for you by opening reward chests. The best defense in Zooba is offense.

Game for the whole family

Zooba cannot boast of violent scenes, gore, or worse. The game is loyally for all ages. There is no propaganda and weapons shoot only conditionally. As developers joke, no animals were harmed while making of this game. It is equally exciting to play for both adults and children. The game draws adults into its plot, and children around the world love the short battles of one against forty. Gameplay itself is simple, as you can upgrade the characters without difficulty.

Zooba Android

Absolutely free

Initially, the game requires real money payments to access, but it became very popular with the public after it first appearance. Because of this, the developers decided to remove most of the paid content, making it free. In order to develop heroes, you do not need to spend real money, because in-game currency is easily collected. Almost all skins and weapons in the game are real to buy without donation.

However, there are battle passes in the game, which can bring unique and cool rewards. However, these awards do not play a role in battles at all, as creators added them for aesthetics. Millions of gamers around the world, even the youngest, play Zooba. The game does not stand still, as developers regularly add free maps, animals and weapons. Users love it for the ease of the plot, cute little animals and high-quality Battle Royale system.

Play fun mini games

Zooba universe regularly receives updates with mini-games from developers. In the latest update, developers sent animals to investigate crimes. Play with real people and find out who is the killer. Feel like a real detective! Between rounds, you can discuss with your friends everything that is happening and nominate candidates. There are two ways to win. If you are a killer, hide it and kill everyone in the mansion. If you are a civilian – find a traitor. The gameplay features the best traditions of the online detective genre.

Mod Info

Map Hack – use mod menu to see enemies and equipment on the map.

Always shoot – shoot even in water.

Download Zooba Mod APK


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